ELECTION DAY: Free Golf Cover-up Continues — Day #29 — BUT progress…

Written By: admin - Nov• 07•17

In welcome news, which is a credit to new Cedar Hills City Manager Chandler Goodwin…

Yesterday, Monday Nov. 6th, the City provided additional FREE GOLF records NOT previously provided by City Recorder Colleen Mulvey – on Oct 26th.  (see CHCRG posting … ) which claimed to be ALL responsive public records. 

This is important, because in providing of these new records it proves that ALL responsive public GRAMA Request public records WERE NOT PROVIDED PREVIOUSLY by Ms. Mulvey.CH Chandler Goodwin City Manager

Nevertheless, we must congratualte Mr. Chandler Goodwin, for carefully considering the follow-up emails if he is completely satisfied that the City Recorder COMPLETELY fulfilled the GRAMA request and that there are no other records anywhere — not provided?  

Here are the NEWLY provided additional FREE golf records…

2017 Resident Coupon Tracking Spreadsheet

Employee Golf Benefit Record

The City's providing of the additional batch of FREE golf records means:

1 – ALL previous GRAMA requests fulfilled by Ms. Mulvey are called into question,

2 – whether knowingly or unknowlingly to Ms. Mulvey demonstrates some level of conspiracy and malfeasance on the part of staff and possibly others regarding free golf,

3 – BUT also THANKFULLY demonstrates an apparent effort by some staff and others, — most notably — and to his great credit City Manager Chandler Goodwin, to be "open, honest and transparent" in the City's effort to find and provide ALL public records legally GRAMA requested,

4 – in a manner that has stalled any part of fulfillment until AFTER most of the ELECTION process is over and hence unavailable for consideration by Cedar Hills voters on their ballot.

5 – AGAIN!  (For many years that pattern has been that any important information of significance usually comes out — AFTER elections — when it can't affect the outcome of a vote against the secret pro-golf society and other conflict of interest insiders.)

Please see the new batch of FREE golf records here …




AND Brad Sears




CHCRG has been trying to obtain complete FREE Golf records for many years now, with each and every GRAMA request basically ignored, or apparently fulfilled minimally — if at all.  There are two groups within power on the Council & staff — which begs the simple question:  Who is "minding the store" AND working for the CH taxpayer as their top priority?  (As opposed to for each other and their friends and secret conflicts of interest and unethical activities?)

Please note that CHCRG awaits any additional responsive records Goodwin may secure, and his personal written declaration that ALL records have been provided!   And with that declaration — we will post here declaring that the "Cover-up ENDS on Day #??".  

We look forward to that day.


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