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TODAY! Party Caucus meetings & Precinct info

CH Friends & Neighbors, Tuesday March 22, the Republicans, Democrats and Constitution parties will meet in different locations to decide which individuals will represent their party in the general election in November.  This includes candidates President (Cruz, Trump, Clinton, Sanders), Governor, County Commissioners, etc. Different parties meet at various locations.  For example, the Republicans in Cedar […]

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Mrs. Smart to Mayor Gygi: “…You don’t have any integrity” – MELTDOWN!

CANDACE SMART – Is a member of the Smart family that owns the land south of Walmart, have been waiting “3 years” for the city to resolve its concerns regarding their property so they can sell it.     At the Tuesday March 1st City Council Meeting, in her public comments Mrs. Smart said that Mayor […]

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CH Councilman Crawley reads Official APOLOGY Statement

Last night, at the March 1, 2016 Cedar Hills City Council meeting, Councilman Rob Crawley read the following Statement into the public record during his comment period, and posted today at his blogspot, he can only speak for himself and not other Councilmembers or the mayor:   I would like to make a statement regarding […]

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