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COUNCILMAN CRAWLEY BLOG: Citizens Must Hold Representatives Accountable

A link to the Councilman Rob Crawwley's blog article was included on pg 3 of the Cedar Hills April Newsletter  The article  from is included here:     “Corruption” and “Government” are two words that seem to go hand in hand.  This has been true since the beginning of time.  Some say that […]

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CH GOP Caucus results Ted CRUZ 79% with Trump 3rd place – Dems vote for Sanders

CEDAR HILLS results of Republican Precinct votes for March 22, 2016 were as follows: Total GOP votes in Cedar Hills = 1,076    TED CRUZ  =  845     79%    John Kasich = 121      11%    Donald Trump = 110   10%   Statewide the Utah Republican Party caucus vote totals resulted in ALL 40 delegate […]

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TIMP TIMES: Cromar Calls for Gygi to Resign

  Cromar Calls for Gygi to Resign March 22, 2016  –  By Harlow Clark  During the February 16 council meeting, as part of public comment, Ken Cromar of Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government cited the October 18 Golf Course Finance Committee meeting as an example of Mayor Gary Gygi’s so called abuse of power. […]

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