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Daily Herald: Former CH mayor-convicted-felon Eric Richardson awarded City contract at Golf Clubhouse grill

Cedar Hills Mayor Eric Richardson, left, speaks during a press conference at the Cedar Hills Public Safety Building Feb. 21, 2012. Current Mayor Gary Gygi is on his left and was a council member at the time. Richardson resigned, admitted his guilt to bank fraud and served time in federal prison. The city council approved […]

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Tribune: SLC golf system drowning in red ink, considers closing some courses

Public to weigh in on Salt Lake City’s troubled golf system By CHRISTOPHER SMART | The Salt Lake Tribune First Published Feb 02 2015 03:00PM   Hearing » Unlike most of the city’s recreation programs, golf must be financially self-sustaining.   After months of jawboning about what to do with Salt Lake City’s golf system […]

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Daily Herald, CHCRG, & Radio Talk Show host Sam Bushman saves public records from destruction

Jerry Dearinger said it best, “Our goal is to save as much of the public record from destruction as possible.”  GRAMA requests result in a permanent record that the City cannot destroy.  It is city policy to destroy most public records after 12 months.  With modern electronic storage growing smaller and cheaper each year, CHCRG […]

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