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Secret Emails Exposed – #1 “Throw existing Council under the bus”

This is the first in a series of postings of secret City Council emails that were illegally withheld from the public record.  We believe that as you read the Series installment, you will understand why city leaders tried to keep the exchanges secret. First an explanation:  Utah State law does not allow for more than […]

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Another “Buffalo Chip” awarded to CH leadership

“Buffalo Chip to Cedar Hills for refusing to reimburse resident Ken Cromar $766 of expenses he incurred as he dragged documents out of city government that had been illegally withheld.  Cromar had to appeal to the Utah State Records Committee to force the city to comply with his open records requests under the state’s GRAMA […]

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City finally provides GRAMA requested emails

Congrats to the Cedar Hills residents!   It required taking the City to the Records Committee, but finally we have been given “all” the email docs GRAMA requested March 5, 2012.   Last evening, at 7:00 p.m, city attorney Eric Johnson delivered the “final” box — 17.2 pounds of paper.  It is clear that it took today’s […]

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