BRAD SEARS’ FREE GOLF – Scandal Exposed by Councilman “WikiLeaks” TODAY!

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•17

Allegedly former Mayor Brad Sears (1998 to 2004) and his friends have been secretly golfing for FREE since the opening of the golf course in 2004 — over ten years.   Brad Sears

Council Rob Crawley has released final report docs on the FREE GOLF scandal with a kind of "CH Golf WikiLeaks” — made available here today by Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG — see docs link below).

Former CH Councilman Rob Crawley (2014 to 2017), explained that he could not feel good about his unexpected move out of Cedar Hills this summer to Highland, without releasing his compilation of documents on various subjects, — especially the Golf Course.  

In 2013, he campaigned on “open, honest, and transparent” government promising he would report his financial findings to Cedar Hills voters.  Residents wanted to know.  Crawley was elected.  And with his whistleblower wikileaks-styled report and compilation of golf related documents, released here publicly TODAY by CHCRG — he has kept his promise.

In 2001, then Mayor Brad Sears convinced the City Council that buying the golf course from the Developer Ken Briggs would be a smart idea, would lead to profits the first year, promising no Sunday operation or alcohol and $400,000 profits for year shortly thereafter.  (see attached Golf Course Bond Flyer-Brad Sears May 2001and other docs used to convince voters to BOND over $5 million for the golf course)  NOTE:  The golf course would have been built and managed by the Developer as part of their “green space” requirements to the city.  In other words, we didn’t have to and obviously should NOT have bought it.

So, why would the former Mayor who got Cedar Hills into the golf course financial fiasco, that has pitted neighbor against neighbor, — and created a powerful, pro-golf special interest group and city staff conflict of interest, — think it OK for he and his friends to golf for FREE on the backs of Cedar Hills voters?  That and other questions were asked of Brad Sears by Councilman Crawley.  Brad Sears refuses to answer — and the City has not provided GRAMA requested golf public records request in the past, — and most recently asked for $2,400 (80hour) to fulfill CHCRG’s most recent Oct 9th free golf records.  Rob Crawley blog pic

The following is from Crawley's open letter to the public called “My Experiences With Brad Sears”

"While I was on the city council, I heard from city employees that Brad had been golfing for free since the inception of the golf course.  I told city leadership that this looks really bad.  Considering that he was the one that set up the deal for the golf course and that it was a very one-sided deal in favor of the developers for him to be given a kickback from the developers looks really bad.  The city has put over $13 Million into the golf course all funded by debt and taxpayer contributions (directly and through money diverted from other funds), for him to be golfing for free was a slap in the face to the entire city."

For the complete doc …  Brad Sears Free Golf .docx   Brad Sears Free Golf


The following is from an August 2015 email exchange between then Councilman Rob Crawley and former Mayor Brad Sears…

" 2)  Golf employees have informed me that you have used lone peak links free golf.  It would seem to some that as you were the one that negotiated with Lone Peak Links and signed the contract that you receiving these free golf benefits is very self serving.  Please explain why those skeptics are wrong."

Sears did not respond to this and other questions from Crawley. 

For the complete Email doc see…  Brad Sears Email Conversation.docx  Brad Sears Email Conversation


Crawley has said ANYONE is welcome to his growing Google Docs file on various subjects.  If you have his email address, please contact him directly and ask for access. (To protect his and his family’s privacy his email address will not be posted here — but emails sent to

Also, Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG) has all the GOLF COURSE ISSUES folder, containing all Crawley’s docs posted there as of today posted in a Dropbox that ANYONE can access for download at… 





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