ELECTION: Preliminary Results – Rees, Andersen, Ellsworth “Win” TAX INCREASE

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The following is taken from the City website specifically…  http://www.cedarhills.org/node/5612

Preliminary election summaries for the 2017 Municipal General Election have been released here: Preliminary Summary Report. There will be large numbers of ballots received on election night and in the mail over the next two weeks. The County Elections Office will process these daily and will release subsequent results around 3:00 p.m. on November 9, 14, and 17. The final numbers will be released to the city on Tuesday, November 21, the day that the Cedar Hills city council will canvass the results in the scheduled city council meeting.

There were 53 provisional ballots received at the Cedar Hills Voter Service Center on election day.


For election night summaries, view the Preliminary Summary Report or visit: UtahCountyOnline.org for the ensuing tallies.

Visit Cedar Hills Elections for candidate information, including eligibility, bios, contact information, and financial disclosures. 


CH Prop 7 - Screen Shot  

CH Council Screen Shot


CH Mayor Screen Shot



ELECTION DAY: Free Golf Cover-up Continues — Day #29 — BUT progress…

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In welcome news, which is a credit to new Cedar Hills City Manager Chandler Goodwin…

Yesterday, Monday Nov. 6th, the City provided additional FREE GOLF records NOT previously provided by City Recorder Colleen Mulvey – on Oct 26th.  (see CHCRG posting … ) which claimed to be ALL responsive public records. 

This is important, because in providing of these new records it proves that ALL responsive public GRAMA Request public records WERE NOT PROVIDED PREVIOUSLY by Ms. Mulvey.CH Chandler Goodwin City Manager

Nevertheless, we must congratualte Mr. Chandler Goodwin, for carefully considering the follow-up emails if he is completely satisfied that the City Recorder COMPLETELY fulfilled the GRAMA request and that there are no other records anywhere — not provided?  

Here are the NEWLY provided additional FREE golf records…

2017 Resident Coupon Tracking Spreadsheet

Employee Golf Benefit Record

The City's providing of the additional batch of FREE golf records means:

1 – ALL previous GRAMA requests fulfilled by Ms. Mulvey are called into question,

2 – whether knowingly or unknowlingly to Ms. Mulvey demonstrates some level of conspiracy and malfeasance on the part of staff and possibly others regarding free golf,

3 – BUT also THANKFULLY demonstrates an apparent effort by some staff and others, — most notably — and to his great credit City Manager Chandler Goodwin, to be "open, honest and transparent" in the City's effort to find and provide ALL public records legally GRAMA requested,

4 – in a manner that has stalled any part of fulfillment until AFTER most of the ELECTION process is over and hence unavailable for consideration by Cedar Hills voters on their ballot.

5 – AGAIN!  (For many years that pattern has been that any important information of significance usually comes out — AFTER elections — when it can't affect the outcome of a vote against the secret pro-golf society and other conflict of interest insiders.)

Please see the new batch of FREE golf records here …




AND Brad Sears




CHCRG has been trying to obtain complete FREE Golf records for many years now, with each and every GRAMA request basically ignored, or apparently fulfilled minimally — if at all.  There are two groups within power on the Council & staff — which begs the simple question:  Who is "minding the store" AND working for the CH taxpayer as their top priority?  (As opposed to for each other and their friends and secret conflicts of interest and unethical activities?)

Please note that CHCRG awaits any additional responsive records Goodwin may secure, and his personal written declaration that ALL records have been provided!   And with that declaration — we will post here declaring that the "Cover-up ENDS on Day #??".  

We look forward to that day.


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OPEN LETTER: Questions on City’s handling of Two Candidate Disqualifications

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ELECTION DAY:  And City still leaves most CH Voters in Dark

In an email to the Cedar Hills City Manger Chandler Goodwin, and City Recorder/ Elections Officer Colleen Mulvey, the letter below was sent seeking clarifaction on WHY Cedar Hills voters have yet to be informed in an effective way that two candidates (Crosby & Navarro) have been disqualifed and whose votes will NOT be counted.  

There are a number of questions sent via email yesterday morning Monday November 6th  that have not been answered — with election morning TODAY upon us.

1.  Why would the City Recorder not have made some attempt to reach candidates by phone to confirm they understand the consequences if their filing was not received by 5:00 p.m. that day?  I am almost 100% confident that if it had been Jenney Rees, Denise Anderson, or any other “popular” candidate, that they would have most certainly been called by Ms. Mulvey — rather than relying only on email?

2.  Why did a disqualification notice NOT happen immediately at 5:01 p.m. on the October 31, 2017 deadline?

3.  Why did Mayor Gary Gygi contact candidate Crosby (and Navarro?) on the morning of Nov. 2, to encourage the financial filings be submitted?

4.  Why did the City accept & receive the financial filings from candidates Crosby & Navarro, if the candidates were already disqualified?

5.  Why did the City post candidates Crosby & Navarro financial filings if the candidates were already disqualified?

The screenshots below are NEW as of minutes ago TODAY election day, — demonstrating that the City has not taken seriously it's duty to inform the Cedar Hills Voters — in an effective way i.e. the City website www.CedarHills.org — thus RESPECTING the law and Cedar Hills voters with the latest development in what is now a historic and regretable situation. 

(IMPORTANT Note: Many CHCRG members are Crosby & Navarro supporters especially because they are the only candidates running AGAINST the Jenney Rees / Council and Friends promoted TAX INCREASE via the new PARC TAX – Prop #7 on the ballot.)

Please see the full letter and screenshots below…



From: Ken Cromar

[Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman 1994 to 2000]

Subject: Questions regarding the City's notification of Disqualification of candidates – as required by Law

Date: November 6, 2017 at 11:41:29 AM MST

To: Chandler Goodwin [City Manager], Colleen Mulvey [City Recorder / Elections Officer] 

Cc: [candidates] Curt & Korlene Crosby, Maurice Navarro , Matt & Jenney Rees , Denise Andersen, Ben Ellsworth,

Gary Gygi [Mayor] , [City Coucilmembers] Daniel Zappala , Ben Bailey, Mike Geddes, Jenney Rees , Marilyn & Jerry Dearinger, Paul & Diane Sorensen , Curtis & Wanda MacPherson , Russ & Linda Fotheringham, Julie Sessions , Angela & Lars Johnson, Rob Crawley



Chandler & Ms. Mulvey,

I’m sure we will all agree that it is terribly unfortunate that two candidates (two of my personal preferences) — did not file financials in time as required by law.  

The law is the law.  Shouldn’t the candidates have been disqualified on October 31, 2017 as required by law.  Apparently the CH voter was not notified immediately — and what was done was a less effective or ineffective manner that to this moment leaves CH voters in the dark.

May I respectfully offer my elections related observation about the City's handling of the disqualification of Curt Crosby & Maurice Navarro?

According to State Code 10-3-Part 2-208 (8)  

(8) (a)  If a candidate fails to timely file a campaign finance statement required under Subsection (3), the municipal clerk or recorder shall inform the appropriate election official who:

(i)  shall:

(A)  if practicable, remove the candidate's name from the ballot by blacking out the candidate's name before the ballots are delivered to voters; or

(B)  if removing the candidate's name from the ballot is not practicable, inform the voters by any practicable method that the candidate has been disqualified and that votes cast for the candidate will not be counted; and

(ii)  may not count any votes for that candidate.


What the highlight above shows is that the City’s obligation was to “inform the voters by any practicable method that the candidate has been disqualified and that votes cast for the candidate will not be counted;…”.  Instead what happened was a Press Release, the title of which remarkably omits the word(s) about candidates having been disqualified.   The results were that rather than CH voters / residents being informed, — the entire State of Utah was informed at least as far as KSL readers noted it.  May I respectfully observe that for the most part Cedar Hills voters probably still have no idea because they have NOT yet been informed by practical means available to the City.

IF THE CITY’s OBJECTIVE is TO “INFORM THE VOTERS” as required by law, it seems that the more appropriate and logical thing to do is put the Candidate Disqualification notice — clearly identified as such — on the front page of the City’s website www.CedarHills.org AND within the Elections information and/or the Newsletter should have been used.  (Possibly I’ve missed the reach of some of your efforts you could point out please?)  See the various screenshots from www.cedarhills.org below.  Note that there is no “candidates disqualified” noticeable to the average reader in the screenshots. Why not?  I hope that was not intentional?

Also, while acknowledging the candidate need to be responsible for their own campaigns, I find a few points rather curious, and request your reply in writing a.s.a.p. please:

1.  Why would the City Recorder not have made some attempt to reach candidates by phone to confirm they understand the consequences if their filing was not received by 5:00 p.m. that day?  I am almost 100% confident that if it had been Jenney Rees, Denise Anderson, or any other “popular” candidate, that they would have most certainly been called by Ms. Mulvey — rather than relying only on email?

2.  Why did a disqualification notice NOT happen immediately at 5:01 p.m. on the October 31, 2017 deadline?

3.  Why did Mayor Gary Gygi contact candidate Crosby (and Navarro?) on the morning of Nov. 2, to encourage the financial filings be submitted?

4.  Why did the City accept & receive the financial filings from candidates Crosby & Navarro, if the candidates were already disqualified?

5.  Why did the City post candidates Crosby & Navarro financial filings if the candidates were already disqualified?


If we respect law and order in Cedar Hills — as I wish we would — it seems appropriate to ask the people in charge of insuring 100% fair and ethical elections that respects ALL Cedar Hills voters, their votes, and the protection from illegal & questionable votes — about their performance under the law.  (please – no offense intended)  Wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks in Advance for your Consideration & Timely Reply,


Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman


_1 CH Election DAY website inadequate Notice - Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.13.42 AM




_2 CH Election DAY website inadequate Notice - Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.14.21 AM


_3 CH Election DAY website inadequate Notice - Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.14.37 AM


CH Election KSL website inadequate Notice - Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.15.22 AM

Einstein & UTA say, “Just say NO!” to Jenney Rees’ proposed new PARC Tax Increase

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Of course current Council Woman / Mayoral candidate JENNEY REES promoted this new tax increase!

She and her Council friends wasted another $581,000 on the golf course.  It would take 14.5 years of PARC Tax $$ to make up just ONE year of golf course losses!Einstein Insanity-quote

They say it's "only one penny per …".  Really?  That $40,000 (Jenney's estimate) isn't her money.  It's yours and your neighbor's.  Had Jenney helped to tighten the belt of the City's budget FIRST — then she wouldn't have asked you for MORE of YOUR money and for you to vote to help her take your neighbor's money.  The $40K is just KEEP CEDAR HILLS GREEN special interest PAC's way to hide $40K of golf course losses in the RED.  Don't fall for it!


Utah Tax Payers Assoc - Vote AGAINST Prop #7 v2

It is said that the definition of INSANITY – is doing the same thing over and over — and expecting a different result.  Jenney and her fellow councilmembers have been doing the same thing over and over  — with NO STRATEGY to stopping the $581,000 per year golf losses.  Help Jenney and her friends to understand it's time to stop the INSANITY.  Just say NO! to new UNNECESSARY taxes.  Vote AGAINST Prop #7 PARC Tax Increase.


web No New Taxes download



AGAINST Prop #7 NEW Tax Increase - LANDSCAPE.1a single


GRAMA Request file on Free Golf here…

Written By: admin - Nov• 02•17


The City has finally provided the GRAMA request for the past three years of free golf in Cedar Hills — sort of. 

Here it is.  Please download and take a look …

Tee Time Details Report – October 01, 2014 to October 26, 2017 (GRAMA Request)


As documented in the October 25th posting, CH City's former mayor Brad Sears has reportedly golfed for over 10 years for FREE, along with many friends.  Mr. Sears has been asked numerous times by former Councilman Rob Crawley (2015 Golf Finance Committee member) and CHCRG, to provide a list of those who he brought to play for free, which may include buisness associates, political officials, other golf course operators, relatives, etc.  He refuses to provide any details — and instead throws personal insults at those asking for information on his free golf.  David Bunker CM

It was recently disclosed by former City Manager David Bunker (American Fork's newest City Manager – enticed away from CH) that when Brad Sears' 10+ years of FREE golf via Lone Peaks Links' "30 free games per week for 50 years" — which Sears "negotiated" into the sales contract when the City bought the golf course from it's owner / developer — and then has used for himself and his friends — came to his attention, he put a stop to it.

THANK YOU Mr. Bunker!

So, the three years worth of golf records were GRAMA requested should have included documentation of Brad Sears and/or Lone Peaks Links free golf use.  But there is no evidence included of that in the golf reservations public record.  Why?  Is this actually a COMPLETE GRAMA request response?  Or, is the city hiding that use by not keeping track of it?  If not, how could they know if 30 free golf rounds were played in any week?  How could they know if 75 rounds or more had been played in any week or not — if there is no accounting of it?  Is our taxpayer subsidized golf course — which loses $581,000 average every year & has never made one dollar in profit in any year — being used as a personal private golf course by the City Council, Mayor, staff and their friends — including the Mayor that led CH voter into the Bond based on false promises?  vote

This should matter to EVERY resident .  Or, at least every resident should respect that fact that many other families feel they have been lied to, cheated, and manipulated by the city with years of "fake news" — and who wish they could have their $2000+ back for theirs and their neighbors families.  And, that "yearly Bond theft" will continue for at least 15 more years, unless voters seek to include other voices and thinking to resolve the on-going "bank robbery in progress".  Please VOTE wisely!

Therefore the following questions were included to the City Manager (see previous post for complete list) who promised to reply in writing:

"4.  Is this GRAMA response a COMPLETE record of ALL FREE GOLF played in Cedar Hills?  

5.   Is there ANY Free golf that was NOT recorded?  

For example, as you know former Mayor Brad Sears and his friends, may have been golfing under Lone Peak Links passes or certificates for many years — possibly since the opening of the golf course, right?  But, no where is there a record listing "Brad Sears" or "Lone Peak Links”, or variations, etc., included that I can see.  Why is it not included? "

Brad Sears




  BRAD SEARS – Former Mayor (1998 – 2000) – Successfully promoted original Bond to CH voters based on false promises of $400,000 / year profits



Who is minding the store?

Why does this matter?  Especially before an election?

It's NOT their golf course! It's ours!  Unfortunately, it is owned by CH residents — and should be treated as the multi-million dollar asset it is.  It should NOT be treated as their own private golf club for them and their friends.

If candidates asking for your vote have been involved with, promoted or supported any FREE golf on the backs of Cedar Hills taxpayers (the incumbents) — it's valuable to understand how deep that abuse is going (haven't found the bottom yet!), and understand the deep conflicts of interest against the better interests of CH residents — when these facts are known:

1.  Fact:  CH Council voted themselves and the unlimited FREE golf for themselves and the Mayor (only Councilman "wikiLeaks styled whistle blower" Rob Crawley voted against it)  See May 2, 2017 City Council Meeting Agenda Item #16 at http://cedarhills.org/node/4860

2.  Fact:  All CH City Staff is allowed unlimited FREE golf.

3.  Fact:  Former Mayor Brad Sears has golfed for FREE in an unknown, apparently incompletely documented number of rounds of golf for over 10 years.

(The city refuses to state definitively if the years of golf reservations records have been "destroyed" or not — while refusing to provide various GRAMA requests for info because it is "irretrievable".)

4.  Fact:  Former Mayor Brad Sears has brought unknown "FRIENDS" to golf FREE in an unknown number of people or their names — in an undocumented number of rounds of golf for over 10 years. 


The question begs to be asked: 

How much in personal buisness profits, power, influence, control of government been secured by the often secret, pro-golf special interest individuals — on the backs of CH families / taxpayers?

If voters think this is OK, then they can keep voting in the same pro-golf special interest group supporters that are currently in office.  

Voters are encouraged to consider adding alternative, principled Councilmen like Rob Crawley who put facts and truth in behalf of ALL residents, above friends, politics, secrecy, money and power.




CHCRG Suggests SOLUTION! – Golf Reservations Record INSTANTLY Appears for FREE

Written By: admin - Nov• 02•17

On October 26th, Ken Cromar (CHCRG) & Rob Crawley (recent CH City Councilman) met with City Manager Chandler Goodwin and City Recorder Colleen Mulvey at the Golf Clubhouse Grill to discuss why the City thought it was so difficult to provide electronic golf reservation records for free golf. 

After a lengthy explanation of the "challenges", Ken & Rob suggested that City simply ask FORE UP — the golf reservaton software provider — and ask if there is a way to access the electronic golf reservations data.  FORE UP said, "Yes!" 

Thanks to CHCRG – Problem solved!  

The report was INSTANTLY available, in less than the $50 threshold, — which made the GRAMA Request FREE.

Quick recap:

– The original GRAMA Request was made Oct. 9 with hope of providing CH voters with FREE golf facts

– The City Recorder waited toward the end of the 10 day limit to provide an 80 hour estimate ("it could be more") which at $35 / hour (rate hiked).

– This would have meant that CHCRG members would have had to pay $2,800 to access 3 years about thousands of dollars worth of FREE golf.

– When the City dug a little deeper at Ken & Rob's suggestion, to City Manager Chandler Goodwin's credit he contacted the software provider FORE UP who provided the solution within minutes.

– The GRAMA requested records were provided in minutes — not weeks.

– The GRAMA requested records were provided in free — not $2,800.

– Two weeks of Staff time saved.

– Problem solved!


Unfortunately, the City's "response" — when it finally came — actually raised MORE questions than it answered. 

WHY does the City continue in a long time pattern of long delays and high cost estimates to fulfill lawful GRAMA Requests made by Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government to access public records in behalf of ALL residents — especially prior to elections?  It seems that city officials can do what they set their mind to do.   

Does Cedar Hills have "open, honest and transparent" government?  Why is it that all too often,  they seemingly have to be dragged kicking and screaming every step of the way before city officials finally fulfill their legal responsibilities — finally implement common sense thinking — in providing the PUBLIC's records to the public?    

CHCRG offered the following letter to the City Manager thanking him for his efforts, but also asking questions about the pattern that appears hide, withhold, delay providing public records, rather than transparency, openness, and responsiveness.  CH Chandler Goodwin City Manager

CHCRG has often been maligned and ridiculed by elected officials and staff for simply gathering and sharing info it believes important for voters to have about their government.

Chandler Goodwin promised to reply to the follow-up questions in writing.  CHCRG looks forward to his response. Thanks!





I received the following 2nd email / GRAMA response from Colleen at her end of day yesterday — 5 p.m.  Will you confirm if you believe her email is a COMPLETELY open, honest and transparent GRAMA response please?  (files attached below)

First, thank you for whatever influence you exerted to provide this October 9th GRAMA response.  We appreciate that very much!    [emphasis added] 

Apparently, you accepted Rob & my suggestion to simply ask the FORE UP software providers how to access their software's data — and that it provided the almost instantaneous information requested — all in under the $50 — hence Free?   We are so glad not to unnecessarily pay $2,400 or $2,800 for the records.  Thank you!  But, may we please point out that Staff should’ve done this as their FIRST STEP, not randomly determine "80 hours” ($2,800), oh and "good luck getting the info to CH Voters before most of the mail in ballots come in!”  If stalling was their plan, — they succeeded — again!  But, that doesn’t make them “open, honest and transparent” in their serving CH taxpayers.

It took your staff 3 weeks (not 10 days) and could’ve been fulfilled by Oct. 10 within about one hour — if your team so desired.  It appears there wasn't anyone on your staff that “so desired".

To the records provided — again, the quick, cursory review of the City’s GRAMA response actually generates MORE questions than the response helps to answer.  Please help me understand the following:


1. Why are only first names listed throughout most of the record — except for a few scattered last names listed?

2.  Is it policy not to list last names? Why? Couldn’t “Gary” be an alias to get free golf?  How  can you as the City Manager — tasked with protecting our multi-million dollar asset — if the golf reservation records don’t document and tell you who is golfing for FREE on the backs of Cedar Hills taxpayers?

3.  I assume you know what the codes of “- c”, and “- c – c – c”, and "Merrill – gary – gary", and "POS", etc, all mean please?

4.  Is this GRAMA response a COMPLETE record of ALL FREE GOLF played in Cedar Hills?  

5.   Is there ANY Free golf that was NOT recorded? 

For example, as you know former Mayor Brad Sears and his friends, may have been golfing under Lone Peak Links passes or certificates for many years — possibly since the opening of the golf course, right?  But, no where is there a record listing "Brad Sears" or "Lone Peak Links”, or variations, etc., included that I can see.  Why is it not included?


Chandler, AGAIN, can you see why this can seem more like a cover-up than a fulfillment of a GRAMA request?  Not blaming you, but the question has to be asked, “Who is minding the store?”  In other words, who is watching out for Cedar Hills residents and taxpayers as their #1 priority within Staff & Council?  

We at Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government want to build trust and cooperation with the City leadership — hopefully through you — and your good will.  Can you help with above please?


Ken Cromar signature blue 3 lg


Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman – 1994 to 2000


Please consider the following GRAMA "response" file …  Tee Time Details Report – October 01, 2014 to October 26, 2017 (GRAMA Request)




The FREE Golf Coverup Continues

Written By: admin - Oct• 30•17


GRAMA Request Stalled Thru "Calculated incompetence?”

Cover-up Day 21 –  Cost estimate now up to $2,800!

After Monday Oct 23rd CHCRG article “STONEWALL: City demands $2,400 for GRAMA requesting FREE golfing docs?!", City Manager Chandler Goodwin called Researcher Ken Cromar to explain that getting the records was “not as easy as you may think”.  To his credit Goodwin invited Cromar to see just how hard it is to retrieve records using the City’s golf reservations software.

They met Oct. 26th, Thursday noon at the Golf Clubhouse.  Goodwin brought City Recorder Colleen Mulvey for what resulted in approximately 1.5 hours.  That meeting confirmed a number important facts relating to on-going cover-up:

–  The City staff does not know if there are electronic shortcuts, nor had they contacted or confirmed with the software provider if electronic sorts of golf reservations via the software are possible — prior to making their 80 hour cost “estimate” that coincidentally couldn’t be fulfilled before final election day.

–  The per hour cost for GRAMA records has risen, and is now calculated at $35 / hour.  This means that the $2,400 cost estimate is actually $2,800!

–  Also, Mulvey could not confirm which if any of the three years of GRAMA Requested Records had already been destroyed as per her own letter two previously claiming that as City policy.  Again, how could the 80 hour estimate be made if the number of available records was unknown? 

Note: Councilwoman Jenney Rees wrote a scathing, but inaccurate defense of the city (“Fake News”?) regarding a similar Free Golf GRAMA requested 2 years ago, in which she claimed CHCRG requested public documents were “irretrievable”.  She was wrong.  Cromar had stated that if the city has the records, and they are “irretrievable”, but the city won’t let us have them to check access with professional help at our cost — then these records are in essence “destroyed”.  Goodwin confirmed he was right in his claim as former Councilman Rob Crawley was about to prove.  (see Jenney’s under-informed article below)


Financial expert Rob Crawley ARRIVES!

Former Councilman Rob Crawley (golf record WikiLeaks financial expert – see "Brad Sears Free Golf Scandal Exposed" ) then showed up — at Cromar’s invitation.


–  Goodwin also admitted that the City did not know if any of the city’s golf records from “December 2014 and prior” using PAR 9 software still exist.  Goodwin said he thought that two years prior the city and/or the software provider may have retained a copy of CH golf records up to December of 2014 — but had no idea who if anyone still had a copy — but that he would check.  As of close of City today, Goodwin has not updated whether he discovered if any of the 2014 and prior PAR 9 records exist yet.


— Two years ago the City attorney had also called Cromar to question CHCRG saying the 2014 and prior PAR 9 records had been destroyed.  Cromar insisted that City provide the records for CHCRG to seek technical help or live with the designation of the "City has destroyed the golf records”.  The records were not provided, but the city still claims they’re “not destroyed”.


— Crawley pointed out that while on the Golf Finance Committee he had contacted PAR 9 to ask for help around the “out dated software” the City said it couldn’t access.  But, PAR 9 quickly and easily provided the access to the portion of the records he provided.  


— Why didn’t the city provide the records when they could have done so by simply asking for guidance by their software providers in 2014?  Or, in 2017?  


— It appears that if the Mayor, Council or staff wanted to access the public golf records they can, but if residents lawfully GRAMA request public records, that the city is conveniently incompetent and unable to retrieve “irretrievable” records.



Based on Crawley & Cromar’s questions of Chandler & Mulvey that the City has been quick to establish HIGH cost and LONG time to fulfill information important to Voters before an election.  

They admit that their estimates were made without confirming what public records they actually have, and if the golf reservations software has simple electronic sorts of the GRAMA requested records that could be provided in minutes — not weeks.  Political stalling?  Incompetence?  Calculated and convenient ignorance?  All the above?

Either way — the FREE Golf Records Cover-Up in CH Continues — apparently through the election — keeping the pro-golf-at-all-cost insiders in power — by unethically withholding information, and disparaging anyone asking questions, or holding an opposing view.  Nazi styled “book burning” in Cedar Hills?

To Councilwoman / Mayoral Candidate Jenney Rees:  You wrote, “Where inaccurate or incorrect information is publicly advanced, the City feels it is in the interest of the community to prove an accurate and correct summary.”  Jenney, where do you suggest residents go when City officials advance “inaccurate or incorrect” information, hide public records at elections, malign the character of residents asking questions or with differing opinions, or when a City Council woman's husband threatens physical violence on them while at a Council meeting?  

Many CH residents who do not feel safe coming to city meetings or participating in city government if their opinion is different than those in control.  

The BIG GOLF LIE states “there are no other reasonable options” than keeping the golf course .  This is FALSE. In the meanwhile, the Mayor, all Council, all City Staff and apparently Brad Sears and F.O.B.s (friends of Brad) continue to award themselves and allow unlimited FREE golf — on the backs of Cedar Hills taxpayers who lose $581,000 avg. per year in golf subsidies.

CH VOTERS:  If you want more of the same — including $581,000 losses per year at the expense of parks, rec. center, pool, library, etc. — then, keep voting for those currently in power currently controlling the City and suppressing, bullying and intimidating ANY alternative view.

Most Disappointed,


Ken Cromar – Researcher for CHCRG

former elected CH City Councilman — 1994 to 2000


BRAD SEARS’ FREE GOLF – Scandal Exposed by Councilman “WikiLeaks” TODAY!

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•17

Allegedly former Mayor Brad Sears (1998 to 2004) and his friends have been secretly golfing for FREE since the opening of the golf course in 2004 — over ten years.   Brad Sears

Council Rob Crawley has released final report docs on the FREE GOLF scandal with a kind of "CH Golf WikiLeaks” — made available here today by Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG — see docs link below).

Former CH Councilman Rob Crawley (2014 to 2017), explained that he could not feel good about his unexpected move out of Cedar Hills this summer to Highland, without releasing his compilation of documents on various subjects, — especially the Golf Course.  

In 2013, he campaigned on “open, honest, and transparent” government promising he would report his financial findings to Cedar Hills voters.  Residents wanted to know.  Crawley was elected.  And with his whistleblower wikileaks-styled report and compilation of golf related documents, released here publicly TODAY by CHCRG — he has kept his promise.

In 2001, then Mayor Brad Sears convinced the City Council that buying the golf course from the Developer Ken Briggs would be a smart idea, would lead to profits the first year, promising no Sunday operation or alcohol and $400,000 profits for year shortly thereafter.  (see attached Golf Course Bond Flyer-Brad Sears May 2001and other docs used to convince voters to BOND over $5 million for the golf course)  NOTE:  The golf course would have been built and managed by the Developer as part of their “green space” requirements to the city.  In other words, we didn’t have to and obviously should NOT have bought it.

So, why would the former Mayor who got Cedar Hills into the golf course financial fiasco, that has pitted neighbor against neighbor, — and created a powerful, pro-golf special interest group and city staff conflict of interest, — think it OK for he and his friends to golf for FREE on the backs of Cedar Hills voters?  That and other questions were asked of Brad Sears by Councilman Crawley.  Brad Sears refuses to answer — and the City has not provided GRAMA requested golf public records request in the past, — and most recently asked for $2,400 (80hour) to fulfill CHCRG’s most recent Oct 9th free golf records.  Rob Crawley blog pic

The following is from Crawley's open letter to the public called “My Experiences With Brad Sears”

"While I was on the city council, I heard from city employees that Brad had been golfing for free since the inception of the golf course.  I told city leadership that this looks really bad.  Considering that he was the one that set up the deal for the golf course and that it was a very one-sided deal in favor of the developers for him to be given a kickback from the developers looks really bad.  The city has put over $13 Million into the golf course all funded by debt and taxpayer contributions (directly and through money diverted from other funds), for him to be golfing for free was a slap in the face to the entire city."

For the complete doc …  Brad Sears Free Golf .docx   Brad Sears Free Golf


The following is from an August 2015 email exchange between then Councilman Rob Crawley and former Mayor Brad Sears…

" 2)  Golf employees have informed me that you have used lone peak links free golf.  It would seem to some that as you were the one that negotiated with Lone Peak Links and signed the contract that you receiving these free golf benefits is very self serving.  Please explain why those skeptics are wrong."

Sears did not respond to this and other questions from Crawley. 

For the complete Email doc see…  Brad Sears Email Conversation.docx  Brad Sears Email Conversation


Crawley has said ANYONE is welcome to his growing Google Docs file on various subjects.  If you have his email address, please contact him directly and ask for access. (To protect his and his family’s privacy his email address will not be posted here — but emails sent to WeLoveCH@chcitizens.org

Also, Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG) has all the GOLF COURSE ISSUES folder, containing all Crawley’s docs posted there as of today posted in a Dropbox that ANYONE can access for download at…






TRIBUTES to Rob Crawley – our Cedar Hills HERO!

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•17

Financial expert Rob Crawley — a CFO and former CPA — campaigned and was elected to the Cedar Hills City Council to "find out the truth about the golf course" and report the facts to CH residents.  

This did not make him popular with the Insiders, pro-golf course special interest groups and some city staff who tried to stop him.  Though they slowed him down — they failed.  Rob Crawley blog pic

Due to personal family reasons, the Crawley family recently moved to Highland.  Some grateful friends have offered these tributes:


Dear Rob:

Your outstanding work on the Cedar Hills Council gave hope because your representation of conservative, honest, sensible values gave voice for us. Your tireless efforts were so appreciated by many of us and will be missed. There is no way we can adequately say "thanks" for all the abuse you endured through your service.

You will forever be an example of one standing strong in the face of opposition and doing it with courage, skill, and strong-spirited kindness. We love you and your family and already miss you and your family's presence in Cedar Hills. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

With great love and gratitude,

Russ and Linda Fotheringham 




You know how at the airport they say, “See something.  Say something”?

Glad Rob did just that when exposing the dishonest dealings of Cedar Hills government. 

Thanks Rob.

Sam Bushman




Councilman Rob Crawley has been a HUGE blessing to ALL the people of Cedar Hills.

His approach to CH City issues has been respectful, articulate, intelligent, but most importantly persistent in getting to the truth and reporting those facts to the residents the best he could.  Unfortunately, Mayor Gygi, Councilwoman / mayor candidate Jenney Rees, some City Staff and their secret pro-golf society hostile friends and Facebook minions often successfully stopped him getting out the fact.  But they could never successfully maligned his reputation or stop his pursuit of “open, honest and transparent” CH government. 

Rob has chased down the truth about the golf course financial failure (discovered avg. of $581,000 yearly losses), found intelligent alternatives to golf course that would benefit ALL residents, discovered that former Mayor Brad Sears has been golfing for years for FREE on the backs of CH taxpayers – (probably bringing friends for free too). Thanks for your many discoveries and exposing the truth in this and many other areas.

Even though your family has had to move, please do NOT stop asking questions or exposing corruption, and discussing questionable actions of tyrannical Cedar Hills leadership.

Most will never know all that Rob and Andrea, and his children have sacrificed in time and energy in behalf of all Cedar Hills residents.  You inspired us and gave us hope.

To us in our family, — ROB CRAWLEY is a CEDAR HILLS HERO!

THANKS & God Bless You and Your Good Family,


Ken & Barbara Cromar

Former elected CH Councilman – 1994 to 2000

Lead Researcher for Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government



You can share your Tribute of Rob Crawley by sending your email to WeLoveCH@CHCitizens.org  





STONEWALL: City demands $2,400 for GRAMA requesting FREE golfing docs?!

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•17

It's official.  The City is in coverup mode.  

City Recorder Colleen Mulvey finally responded Friday to a October 9th GRAMA request by Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG) requesting three years of public records that would expose who has been golfing for free — saying, "The city estimates that gathering, sorting, or compiling the requested records will take approximately 80 hours which will result in fees exceeding $50."

Translation?:  80 hours  x  $30/hour  = $2,400. 

Also, "coincidentally" this will also take up until the Nov 7th election day — making the results unavailable for voters information and intelligent voting based on facts regarding the proper management of the golf course that is losing an average of $581,000 every year since it's opening.

Allegations have been surfacing about former Mayor Brad Sears taking unlimited golf for FREE since the golf course opening in 2004 — though the City admits having been escentially destroyed because, "…all golf reservation records before 2014 are no longer available to us."  He has refused to answer former Councilman Rob Crawley's questions about his taking free golf, though Crawley has discovered documentation showing "over 500 tee times" by Brad Sears during a period of time. 

Be watching for forthcoming articles regarding Crawley's newly released whistleblower discovery docs.


We call on the Council and candidate incumbants Jenney Rees and Denise Anderson… 

…in particular to demand the City to do the simple electronic search of the new golf course reservation software, required to fulfill our GRAMA request by Wednesday — IF they believe the citizens to know how their expensive, failed golf course is being run and who might be cheating taxpayers out of green fees.

The Oct 9th GRAMA request (freedom of information / public records) email exchanges are compiled in the following PDF….


$2,400 for GRAMA request on FREE golf?! RE- October 9, 2017 GRAMA Request