STONEWALL: City demands $2,400 for GRAMA requesting FREE golfing docs?!

Written By: admin - Oct• 23•17

It's official.  The City is in coverup mode.  

City Recorder Colleen Mulvey finally responded Friday to a October 9th GRAMA request by Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG) requesting three years of public records that would expose who has been golfing for free — saying, "The city estimates that gathering, sorting, or compiling the requested records will take approximately 80 hours which will result in fees exceeding $50."

Translation?:  80 hours  x  $30/hour  = $2,400. 

Also, "coincidentally" this will also take up until the Nov 7th election day — making the results unavailable for voters information and intelligent voting based on facts regarding the proper management of the golf course that is losing an average of $581,000 every year since it's opening.

Allegations have been surfacing about former Mayor Brad Sears taking unlimited golf for FREE since the golf course opening in 2004 — though the City admits having been escentially destroyed because, "…all golf reservation records before 2014 are no longer available to us."  He has refused to answer former Councilman Rob Crawley's questions about his taking free golf, though Crawley has discovered documentation showing "over 500 tee times" by Brad Sears during a period of time. 

Be watching for forthcoming articles regarding Crawley's newly released whistleblower discovery docs.


We call on the Council and candidate incumbants Jenney Rees and Denise Anderson… 

…in particular to demand the City to do the simple electronic search of the new golf course reservation software, required to fulfill our GRAMA request by Wednesday — IF they believe the citizens to know how their expensive, failed golf course is being run and who might be cheating taxpayers out of green fees.

The Oct 9th GRAMA request (freedom of information / public records) email exchanges are compiled in the following PDF….


$2,400 for GRAMA request on FREE golf?! RE- October 9, 2017 GRAMA Request




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