ELECTION: Preliminary Results – Rees, Andersen, Ellsworth “Win” TAX INCREASE

Written By: admin - Nov• 09•17


The following is taken from the City website specifically…  http://www.cedarhills.org/node/5612

Preliminary election summaries for the 2017 Municipal General Election have been released here: Preliminary Summary Report. There will be large numbers of ballots received on election night and in the mail over the next two weeks. The County Elections Office will process these daily and will release subsequent results around 3:00 p.m. on November 9, 14, and 17. The final numbers will be released to the city on Tuesday, November 21, the day that the Cedar Hills city council will canvass the results in the scheduled city council meeting.

There were 53 provisional ballots received at the Cedar Hills Voter Service Center on election day.


For election night summaries, view the Preliminary Summary Report or visit: UtahCountyOnline.org for the ensuing tallies.

Visit Cedar Hills Elections for candidate information, including eligibility, bios, contact information, and financial disclosures. 


CH Prop 7 - Screen Shot  

CH Council Screen Shot


CH Mayor Screen Shot



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