CHCRG encourages Vote AGAINST the Proposed New PARC Tax – Again!

Written By: admin - Oct• 09•17

The City wants MORE of your $$ and is trying to raise taxes again with Proposition #7.  

Six members of Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government wrote, reworte and submitted the arguemnt AGAINST the City’s proposed new PARC Tax, and submitted it under CHCRG Legal advisor / retired attorney Jerry Dearinger’s name. (State Code requires that the 500 or less argument must be submitted under “a voter” name.)

Surprisingly, current Councilwoman Jenney Rees submitted the FOR the PARC Tax argument in favor of raising your taxes.  Submitted under its own separate CHCRG posting.  A similar City proposed CARE Tax was voted down by residents at the last elelction.

Please spread the word and share these links with intelligent and likely voters.


Vote AGAINST the proposed new PARC Tax.

It is not the proper role of City government to tax and spend money on programs that are not necessary for its residents. 

Most people enjoy the arts.  We do too, but this vote is not about “arts” or parks.  It’s about a City that has wasted funds – already entrusted to them – asking for more money.  Last year Cedar Hills residents voted AGAINST a similar “CARE” arts tax increase.   City officials didn’t take “no” for an answer.

Some questions CH voters should ask about the City’s proposed new “arts” (PARC) tax:

1.  What reasonable person would vote to raise their own taxes for non-essential services?

2.  What good neighbor would vote to force unnecessary new taxes on his neighbors (widows, retirees, people on a fixed income, or those financially challenged)?

3.  Why give more money to City officials who have not kept past promises on other taxes and fees?

For example:   The City collected $2.9 million in impact fees over 10 years to build a “Rec Center / Pool”.  Instead, the City built a golf clubhouse and wedding reception center.   The city touts small wedding profits, while glossing over the $581,000 per year average in golf course losses.

Despite false claims published in the City Newsletter that got some current and recent officials elected, saying the golf course was “cash flow positive” (profitable), it is not.  The City persuaded residents to vote for $6.437 million golf bond, promising voters it would make $400K per year in profits to “lower taxes”, be closed on Sunday and not allow alcohol. These promises were broken.  We are buried in debt! 

The truth? The golf course is a financial failure, and NEVER once has the golf course made $1 of profit – in any year.  This helps explain why the City “needs” a new tax.  In fact, the golf course has averaged $581,000 in losses (subsidization) every year, sacrificing possible new parks, the Rec Center / Pool, library, etc., we might all have enjoyed, – not just golfers.

Despite numerous requests, the City has NEVER provided a year-by-year loss table in the Newsletter, to correct the false claims that helped get them elected.  Our “public servants” Mayor and Council continue to allow themselves and staff unlimited FREE golf – while the residents must pay.  A conflict of interest?

Our high taxes are also hidden in the form of “free food” breakfasts, Easter Egg hunts, and many other fun but unneeded “services”.

The City proposed PARC tax is NOT for essential core public services.  For those people who want government “arts”, no problem, please feel free to write out a personal check and donate it to the City.  But please don’t vote to take money from your unwilling neighbor’s pocket by using your vote to impose an unnecessary new tax.

Please VOTE AGAINST the City’s proposed new PARC “arts” tax. 


Jerry Dearinger & friends at:

     Cedar Hills for Responsible Government  /

4211 W. Manila Creek Drive

Cedar Hills, UT 84062





by Jenney Rees / Councilwoman & Candidate for Mayor


Local government exists to provide services and to develop and preserve a sense of community. In several sur-veys conducted over the years, Cedar Hills residents have consistently indicated that, for some, the top reasons for choosing to live in Cedar Hills include its family-friendly environment and the access to open space and trails. Our parks, trails, and community events are highly valued and provide the sense of community that makes Cedar Hills a place where people want to raise families and enjoy time together as friends and neigh-bors. It’s a place we can be proud to call our hometown. 

The PARC tax provides revenue for those things-parks, trails, and community events-most desired by our resi-dents, by adding one penny to every ten dollars spent in a retail establishment in Cedar Hills. Because it is a tax added to retail sales, residents from other cities that shop in Cedar Hills also contribute to the revenue gen-erated for these services. Our commercial district, adjacent to Walmart, is now on the verge of expanding. As these retail opportunities expand in our city, the PARC tax will provide funding for such things as the comple-tion of our trails system, completion of our newly-acquired 12-acre park near Deerfield Elementary, and the provision of community services. Please support these services by voting YES for the PARC tax. For infor-mation regarding statements made in the opposing argument that are unrelated to the PARC tax, please email me at 


For Jenney Rees' arguement FOR you to raise your own taxex (and your neighbors) see ……w-parc-tax-again/


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