Who is “punching” who?

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W Who is punching who?

This postcard was delivered to CH residents recently:


But, who is really punching whom?


Did you know that the 2010 audited City financials show that the golf course losses

hit Cedar Hills taxpayers with …

548,978 punche$


CH Families should NOT be treated like “punching bags”
But, this golf course continues punching anyway!

Did you know the 2011 unaudited golf course financials show that

the golf course losses hit Cedar Hills taxpayers with …

637,555 punche$


Who is really looking out for

Cedar Hills families and their wallets?

Why does the City continue to try to give the impression that the golf course is “cash flow positive” or profitable,

when they know that the citizens, their property values,

and their finances are being PUNCHED financially year after year?


You have to wonder about candidates who care more about “promoting” appearances,

rather than solving the financial realities imposed by the government,

on the citizens they are supposed to protect.


Contrary to claims of “lowering taxes”, Cedar Hills families suffer under

the highest property tax rate in north Utah County.

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The biggest threat to Cedar Hills finances is the GROWING financial burden on residents.

There are solutions!

The citizens should be included in making important decisions with an informed VOTE.


Is the election CHOICE becoming clear yet?


The candidates endorsed by the Realtors postcard above are

Gary Gygi, Trent Augustus and Jenney Rees.

If you want to continue with business as usual, please vote for them.


The candidates who want to stop the “punching” of Cedar Hills families are

Jerry Dearinger,

Ken Cromar,

and Paul Sorensen.

If you want experience, maturity, professionalism, hard work, respect for citizens,

and true open government, please consider voting for them.


Thankfully, the choice between candidates is becoming very clear!


Please VOTE Tuesday, November 8th

Sponsored by Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government