VIDEO: 9 current & former CH Council members attend Preserve & Protect AF Canyon meeting at AFHS

Written By: admin - Jul• 16•15

Preserve and Protect American Fork Canyon has posted their video of the July 1, 2015 meeting at American Fork High School.


Nine current and former Cedar Hills Council members were in attendance at the two-plus hour meeting.

Along with CH Mayor Gary Gygi, our current, sitting Council members Trent Augustus, Rob Crawley and Daniel Zappala spoke, with Jenney Rees not speaking.

Three former Council members spoke; Joel Wright, Ken Cromar, and Marisa Wright spoke, with Darren Lowder not speaking.

Click here to play…

Use the following time-codes to find each speaker.

0:39:00 Joel Wright – former CH Councilman – Can you make sure campaign donation recipients be removed from the committee.
0:40:20  –  Daniel Zappala – current CH Councilman
0:58:50   –  Marisa Wright – former CH Councilman
1:09:10  –   State Auditor John Dougal
1:15 45   –   Ken Cromar – former CH Councilman
1:26:20   –  Alpine Mayor Don Watkins
1:31:15   –   CH MAYOR GARY GYGI given opportunity to explain himself and the “considerations” he received from Snowbird – and follow-up Q&A – and, audience members ask Mayor Gygi if he will voluntarily step down from AF Canyon Vision Committee, but Mayor declines saying he has worked hard and is doing a good job.
–  34:30   Q. Property interest
–  35:30   Q. Your emails with Snowbird
–  37:30   Q. Land swap
–  38:45   Q. Mountain Accord
–  40:05   Q. AFCV pamphlets
–  41:40   Q. Buck Swaney – conflict of interest
–  42:40   Q. Will you recuse (leave) yourself from committee *
–  46:35   Q. Comment – bigger than Mayor Gygi
–  48:40   Q. Property rights
1:50:40    –   Daniel Zappala #2 suggests Commission promote zoning change
1:57:50    –   Trent Augustus  – current CH Councilman – contradicts Mayor Gygi claim
2:05:50   –   Rob Crawley – current CH Councilman – exposes helicopter ride gift from Snowbird



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