TRIBUTES to Rob Crawley – our Cedar Hills HERO!

Written By: admin - Oct• 25•17

Financial expert Rob Crawley — a CFO and former CPA — campaigned and was elected to the Cedar Hills City Council to "find out the truth about the golf course" and report the facts to CH residents.  

This did not make him popular with the Insiders, pro-golf course special interest groups and some city staff who tried to stop him.  Though they slowed him down — they failed.  Rob Crawley blog pic

Due to personal family reasons, the Crawley family recently moved to Highland.  Some grateful friends have offered these tributes:


Dear Rob:

Your outstanding work on the Cedar Hills Council gave hope because your representation of conservative, honest, sensible values gave voice for us. Your tireless efforts were so appreciated by many of us and will be missed. There is no way we can adequately say "thanks" for all the abuse you endured through your service.

You will forever be an example of one standing strong in the face of opposition and doing it with courage, skill, and strong-spirited kindness. We love you and your family and already miss you and your family's presence in Cedar Hills. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

With great love and gratitude,

Russ and Linda Fotheringham 




You know how at the airport they say, “See something.  Say something”?

Glad Rob did just that when exposing the dishonest dealings of Cedar Hills government. 

Thanks Rob.

Sam Bushman




Councilman Rob Crawley has been a HUGE blessing to ALL the people of Cedar Hills.

His approach to CH City issues has been respectful, articulate, intelligent, but most importantly persistent in getting to the truth and reporting those facts to the residents the best he could.  Unfortunately, Mayor Gygi, Councilwoman / mayor candidate Jenney Rees, some City Staff and their secret pro-golf society hostile friends and Facebook minions often successfully stopped him getting out the fact.  But they could never successfully maligned his reputation or stop his pursuit of “open, honest and transparent” CH government. 

Rob has chased down the truth about the golf course financial failure (discovered avg. of $581,000 yearly losses), found intelligent alternatives to golf course that would benefit ALL residents, discovered that former Mayor Brad Sears has been golfing for years for FREE on the backs of CH taxpayers – (probably bringing friends for free too). Thanks for your many discoveries and exposing the truth in this and many other areas.

Even though your family has had to move, please do NOT stop asking questions or exposing corruption, and discussing questionable actions of tyrannical Cedar Hills leadership.

Most will never know all that Rob and Andrea, and his children have sacrificed in time and energy in behalf of all Cedar Hills residents.  You inspired us and gave us hope.

To us in our family, — ROB CRAWLEY is a CEDAR HILLS HERO!

THANKS & God Bless You and Your Good Family,


Ken & Barbara Cromar

Former elected CH Councilman – 1994 to 2000

Lead Researcher for Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government



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