To Mayor Gygi: Will you speak out against Snowbird now? Or resign please?

Written By: admin - Aug• 24•16

Mayor Gary Gygi,

Protect & Preserve AF Canyon FB alert on BM video

Mayor Gygi, you have some responsibility here because of your tacit support of Snowbird's secretive operations.  Will you now disavow Snowbird and its continuing efforts to impose on our American Fork Canyon and water supply?  Remember your comments at AF High School one year ago, July 1, 2015…?


You’ve NEVER publicly chastised Snowbird for their abuse of the public disclosure process, and fought in behalf of The People you are supposed to protect and serve.  Will you do so now?  Mayor Gygi, to whom is your allegiance; the greedy Snowbird owners or the good folks living in Cedar Hills?  Please call for Snowbird to immediately and proactively clean up its own toxic mine tailings and Tibble Fork Reservoir bed, before it’s too late.  

If not, maybe it is time for you to reconsider the calls for your resignation.

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Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman (1994 to 2000)


Blue Moon Productions




NOTE:  The email was CC'd to the CH Council, City Manager and following Mayors & Councils and news outlets :

David Bunker <>, Rob Crawley <>, Ben Bailey <>, Daniel Zappala <>, Mike Geddes <>, Jenney Rees <>, David CH attorney Shaw <>, Mark Allen <>, Mayors & Councils Utah County <>, Don Watkins <>,, Brad Frost <>,,,,,, Benjamin Wood <>,,,, Deseret <>,, David Daily Herald <>, Scott Tittrington <>, Sam Bushman <>, KSL 5 – Richard Piatt <>



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