To Mayor Gygi: “Why wait for the election?” Let’s do it now!

Written By: admin - May• 06•17

Mayor Gygi declared that he was "itching" to have a "debate / fight" with former City Councilman Ken Cromar and current researcher for Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government. (CHCRG)  Apparently feeling that his record while in office since 2012 had been called into question too many times by Cromar, this CHCRG website and its members, City employees, Preserve American Fork Canyon supporters, and many Cedar Hills residents, Mayor Gygi declared in his email …

On Apr 11, 2017, at 10:02 AM, Gary Gygi <> wrote: 

"… Regarding my candidacy for Mayor, I have not made up my mind but if I choose to run, in the spirit of competition, I would love you to run against me.  That is a fight/debate I would love to have, in fact itching to have. 

Cromar responded offering a proposed better plan to get at the truth Gygi claimed to desire immediately …

Congratulations! I have good news for you! There is no need to wait for an election “fight/debate”, we want to help you be able to tell your side of the story sooner than later!

Cromar offered an alternative that would allow the truth Mayor Gygi claimed he wanted the residents to have could happen immediately, within 30 days to allow the public to schedule and attend, so the citizens could reaction to his defense of his record could help him determine whether the People wanted him to run for Mayor again.  A similar citizens group in Pleasant Grove called PG Voices was contacted and agreed to act moderators to insure fairness, focus and order.

Cromar's complete email to Mayor Gygi and CC'd to the City Council, City Manager & Staff, and some CHCRG members on April 17, 2017 – 11:37 a.m. read as follows …

Mayor Gygi,

Thanks for your interesting email, take on things and “narrative” spin.  I’m glad that you’re “itching” to get at the truth. 

Congratulations! I have good news for you! There is no need to wait for an election “fight/debate”, we want to help you be able to tell your side of the story sooner than later!

I am happy to inform you that I have contacted Jennifer Baptista & Lori Ann Williams from a Pleasant Grove citizens watchdog group called PG Voices, similar to our Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government, to moderate an event that would allow you to answer questions and “correct the record”.  This proposed “State of the City of Cedar Hills Q&A with Mayor Gary Gygi” would allow you the opportunity to address concerns surrounding some of your behavior/“service" that led to your original Council  and subsequent appointment as mayor.  There are many who have questions which could be asked in an orderly manner with the help of kind moderators Baptista and Williams and you could take the time you feel necessary to fully respond.  Also, with your help, no doubt we could schedule this public event to take place at the golf club house, where the moderators have agreed to keep the discussion / questions fair and focused on Cedar Hills city business and your part in it — as opposed to personalities.  (Note: This has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you and your “public service” as our paid official managing city resources and staff.)

Mayor Gygi, with your oft declared great interest in the truth and your desire of being fairly presented to Cedar Hills residents and voters, we are confident your “itch” will compel you to “scratch” (jump) at this opportunity to find the earliest possible date, preferably within 30-days, and with enough time to invite the public?

With the positive response you calculate to garner from such an event, this will no doubt help invaluable data as you carefully determine whether to announce to run again for mayor or not — sooner than later — and thus serve the interest of Cedar Hills residents concerned about the important mayor position.  This will also serve to help anyone else who may want to consider throwing their hat into the ring of consideration by CH voters.  That’s a good thing, right?

Do you accept our offer?  Shall we set a date?

Thank you,

Ken Cromar signature blue 1 sm



Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman – 1994 to 2000



P.S.  In the interest of transparency, full disclosure and keeping our exchanges out in the “sunshine” for Council, Staff and especially CH residents to see, please note that this exchange has been CC to the original group (Except Gretchen Gordon at her request, with whom you can share this if you like.  The others can respond or not, anytime they choose, without your control or manipulation) and will also be posted to  


As of the date of this posting Mayor Gygi did not respond to this email.   




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