To Mayor Gygi: “We want you to have the chance to explain yourself publicly.”

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Two weeks had passed without a response from Mayor Gygi to a "fight / debate" he said he would "love to have".  He had been offered the opportunity to have his "itch" to "debate/fight" former Councilman Cromar to be "scratched" with an immediate debate. Cromar offered to help Gygi defend his questionable tenure by not waiting until the election season, but rather to debate immediately to help him learn from the citizens if they would like to have him run again.  Cromar explained…

I love our beautiful little Cedar Hills and want to protect my many kind friends and neighbors of Cedar Hills from your continued abuse.  They are worth fighting for and deserve to know the truth regarding your record. We want you to have the chance to explain yourself publicly.  

On Monday May 1, 2017  –  10:49 a.m. Cromar sent the following email, presented in its entirety here, to …

Mayor Gygi,

It has been over 14-days and you’ve not responded to the offer.  Did you see it?  We are trying to help you in your stated desire to promote truth to Cedar Hills residents.  

As you know, you got into office under documented false pretenses, manipulation and deceit.  You have maintained your power to date similarly.  

Unfortunately, your statements and actions during your time on the Cedar Hills Council have often been in direct opposition to open, honest and transparent government.  As you know, this is why three of us have publicly called for your resignation with accompanying detailed explanations.  You failed to respond then too.  

I believe your being mayor of Cedar Hills has not brought out the best in your moral character, and has simultaneously harmed many citizens (including me and my family), City staff, and Council members as you have regularly misappropriated public resources and abused powers entrusted you.  Many would also like your reign of abuse to end.  Therefore, if you ignore this also, it won’t be a surprise.  You’ve proven yourself disinterested in open, honest, public dialogue, especially as it relates to your “service” to the community.  

You claim, "Regarding my candidacy for Mayor, I have not made up my mind but if I choose to run, in the spirit of competition, I would love you to run against me.  That is a fight/debate I would love to have, in fact itching to have.”  I for one, do not believe your claim of “not made up my mind”, “itching”, etc.  And, I absolutely don’t want to encourage or provide you any excuse to run by fanning the flames of your enmity and disdain for me and Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government by my committing to run against you.  Your run should not be encouraged.  We need a new, 100% open, honest and transparent Mayor in Cedar Hills.  It has been many years since we’ve had one.

Yes, that is a strong statement, but it is true.  If you disagree, wouldn’t you welcome the opportunity to fully explain and defend your record publicly as you “make up your mind” about running for mayor?   

Finally, in the interest of Cedar Hills and exposing the facts surrounding your “service", please allow me to suggest an adjustment to the previous offer.  I will make myself available to a debate within 30-days, as previously offered with PG Voices representatives as moderators, but only IF YOU COMMIT to stay on the topic of your service / actions within Cedar Hills Government — and with promise of no personal attacks from either of us?  If you are afraid of me, then I imagine I might be able to persuade Curt Crosby, Paul Sorenson, Jerry Dearinger, Sam Bushman and/or others to do so.  The details of this proposed May debate could be mutually agreed.

I love our beautiful little Cedar Hills and want to protect my many kind friends and neighbor of Cedar Hills from your continued abuse.  They are worth fighting for and deserve to know the truth regarding your record. We want you to have the chance to explain yourself publicly.  

Please accept this offer by responding in writing by end of day Friday May 5th, or your “No” will be assumed and the offer will be withdrawn.

Most Sincerely,

Ken Cromar signature blue 2 med


Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman – 1994 to 2000

9870 N. Meadow Drive

Cedar Hills, UT  84062



NOTE:  Mayor Gygi ignored two offers in 2 1/2 weeks, and missed the deadline of "end of day May 5th" to accept the offer to "debate / fight" as he requested and wrote he was "itching" for.  Hence, as promised, the offer is "withdrawn".

Apparently Gygi doesn't believe his own record is worth defending.  Mr. Cromar, along with many others, including some City staff, Council, CHCRG members, Preserve and Protect AF Canyon members, and many CH residents who have been directly harmed, including Cromar's family, — can at least agree with Gygi on that important point.

The full email exchanges should be available in the public record, unless destroyed by offiicials as has occured in recent years.  



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