First Amendment Abuse: Provo police stop 80-year-old resident

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Libertas Institute logo Libertas Institute -July 19 2016 report

An elder resident of Provo recently attempted to collect peitition sigantures on public proerty, working to put the "BRT: public transtit funding project on the ballot for the public to vote on.  Police arrived and forced im to leave the (public) property, violating his rights.  Watch Nichelle's video for the details.

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Cedar Hills has had similar First Amendment abuses by government officials over citizens simply exercising their Constitutionally acknowledged and protected rights.  In growing numbers, government officials have grown ignorant to the meaning of their Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitutions of the US and State of Utah.  The result is too often abuse of power against the rights of individual they ironically promised to protect against the tyranny of the majority.


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Nationally Syndicated talk show hosts:  Call for CH Mayor Gygi's RESIGNATION


CH Attorney Fail led to $233,000 legal fees in 2013

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April 18, 2016 – Legal billing records were sought via email when a City Council report on March 1st showed huge increases in legal expenses of $154,558 in 2012 and $233,868 in 2013.  

This is important because during 2012 and 2013, Mayor Gygi and many Cedar Hills Councilmembers – particularly Council member Jenney Rees in her posts and city PR reports – falsely declared that Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government's request for public records was mostly responsible for such high legal bills.  

The Council was constantly reminded that,  1.)  CHCRG did not have a VOTE on how the City spends its money, and  2.) because the simple fulfillment of the GRAMA requests — which is what the State Records Committee required of the City anyway — was an unnecessary legal expense if GRAMA law had been simply been obeyed.

The following email was sent to Councilman Rob Crawley, and CC'd to City Attorney David Shaw, seeking his help obtaining billing legal records and internal Council investigation….


city-council-agenda-2016-03-01 w finance Powerpoint n legal.1

April 18, 2016

Councilman Crawley,

In looking over the Power-Point slides from the finance presentation by Charl on March 1, 2013 CH Council Meeting, I found this image above.  (The file is online and available at – was it slide #11?)

The legal fees for 2013 seem exorbitant at $233,868 under then attorney Eric Johnson.  No doubt this caught your attention?  Can you explain for me the breakdown on legal fee needs that could rack up such high numbers please?  More abuse of other CH residents with maligning of character libel by the attorney as with the $154,558 in 2012?  Your help understanding this matter would be appreciated.

I've CC'd the current attorney Mr. Shaw, on the chance he may already have that information at hand to save your research time.

Thank you!

Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman


A response to this request did not come forward. A follow up email reminder was sent July 8, 2016, and requested again via phone yesterday.  A response was promised.


Please see February 13, 2013 CHCRG post on the subject reported by Salt Lake Tribune …  


"CH lawyer blames his high legal bill on citizen group"



COUNCILMAN CRAWLEY BLOG: Citizens Must Hold Representatives Accountable

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A link to the Councilman Rob Crawwley's blog article was included on pg 3 of the Cedar Hills April Newsletter  The article  from is included here:  Rob Crawley blog pic


“Corruption” and “Government” are two words that seem to go hand in hand. 

This has been true since the beginning of time.  Some say that this is only true for national politics.  However, as much as I would like to believe that our state, county or city leaders are exempt from wrongdoing, experience has shown that all levels of government are susceptible to inappropriate actions.  It is the duty of all residents to maintain a healthy skepticism of those in office in order to help those serving remain true servants of the people rather than servants of themselves or beholden to a cause that may be contrary to the will of the people.

I recently read an article about the Israeli prime minister from 2006-2009 named Ehud Olmert.  While he was mayor of Jerusalem he accepted a large bribe and will now be in jail for nearly two years.  This person was the equivalent of the United States President for the country of Israel.  See article here:

It is interesting to note that the first law regarding bribery that we have on record was written for the Israeli people by Moses nearly 3,500 years ago.  Following is the text of this law written in Deuteronomy 16:18-19:

Judges and officers shalt thou make thee in all thy gates, which the Lord thy God giveth thee, throughout thy tribes: and they shall judge the people with just judgment.

 Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous


This doesn’t say that only bad people take gifts.  It says that the wise and the righteous are compromised by gifts.

Recently there has been a large uproar in Northern Utah County due to Snowbird trying to expand their operations in the Mineral Basin and Mary-Ellen Gulch up American Fork Canyon.  They own a lot of land up there and were working on doing a land swap with the US Forrest Service to complete the footprint they wanted.  Last summer this land swap plan was abandoned by Snowbird, but they are still trying to get a permit for expansion into the areas they own.

Although this may be something that many residents of Utah County are against, Snowbird does own the property and have certain rights.  However, with the rights of ownership also come certain obligations.  There are hundreds of abandoned mines on their property and their property is part of the watershed that feeds into American Fork River that supplies irrigation and drinking water to a large area of Northern Utah County, including Cedar Hills which uses a portion of this water to feed our pressurized irrigation system.  This watershed also drains water into our underground water supply, which supplies the wells in the city that provide drinking water to our residents.  There is a risk that if Snowbird does not manage its mine tailings responsibly, the water quality could be compromised.

The problem that has arisen is Snowbird has given many “gifts” to people that are in positions of trust in our state, county and city.  There have been trips to Europe given to mayors, county commissioners, and other influential people with their wives.  There have been helicopter rides given.  There have been tickets to black tie events with celebrities.  There have been large campaign donations.  There have been free ski passes given.

We have laws today, 3,500 years after the law cited above, that also limit bribes and gifts for elected officials.  The law specifies that anything over $50 in value is not allowed without proper disclosure of the gift.  Although many have received benefits from Snowbird, there has been very little proper disclosure of these items.

All mayors, city council members, county commissioners, governors, legislators etc. should be very careful not only to avoid accepting anything of value from those that our decisions and actions may affect, but we should avoid the appearance of taking anything from any groups that our decisions may have influence over.

May I suggest that at least once a year (maybe in January) we ask all elected officials to report in a city council meeting all of the gifts or benefits they were given during the past year just so that we go beyond what the law says and stay as far away from the cliff as we can be as a city.  I would suggest that the residents demand this from their elected officials not only to protect the city from potential conflicts of interest, but to help elected officials avoid temptation to take gifts or benefits that may be inappropriate.



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Doc show that CH mayor Gary Gygi was scheduled to go to Switzerland on same trip but withdrew just prior, but faces ongoing questions by Preserve & Protect American Fork Canyon supporters regarding his involvement with Snowbird and missing related GRAMA requested records …


VIDEO:  9 current & former CH Council members attend Preserve & Protect AF Canyon meeting at AFHS


INVITATION to CH Mayor Gygi:  Demonstrate your allegiance to CH's desires to preserve & protect AF Canyon from Snowbird




CH GOP Caucus results Ted CRUZ 79% with Trump 3rd place – Dems vote for Sanders

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CEDAR HILLS results of Republican Precinct votes for March 22, 2016 were as follows:

Total GOP votes in Cedar Hills = 1,076

   TED CRUZ  =  845     79%

   John Kasich = 121      11%

   Donald Trump = 110   10%


Statewide the Utah Republican Party caucus vote totals resulted in ALL 40 delegate votes to TED CRUZ, as follows…

Utah Caucus results Mar 22 2016 Republicans AP
CH01 = 160 votes
Cruz 129  80%
Kasich 17
Trump 14


CH02 = 226 votes
169 Cruz  75%
37 Kasich
20 Trump


CH03 = 176 votes
141 Cruz  80%
20 Trump
15 Kasich 


CH04 = 270 votes
211 Cruz  78%
31 Trump
28 Kasich


CH05 is approximate…  = 244 votes
Cruz 195  80%
Trump 25
Kasich 24

(Totals provided by Angela Johnson Precinct Chair – With percentage calculations by Ken Cromar)


The Democrat Party caucus results in Utah

Though requested from State Dem office, the results for Democrat Party in CH was not available.  CNN reported Utah County result totals as 85% for Bernie Sanders and 14% for Hillary Clinton.  The 33 delegate votes went 27 to Sanders and 6 to Clinton.

Statewide the Utah Democrat Party caucus vote totals were as follows…

Utah Caucus results Mar 22 2016 Dems AP

If anyone can provide the Democrat Party results for CH, please send them to  Thanks.



TIMP TIMES: Cromar Calls for Gygi to Resign

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TimpTimes logo

Cromar Calls for Gygi to Resign

March 22, 2016  –  By Harlow Clark 

During the February 16 council meeting, as part of public comment, Ken Cromar of Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government cited the October 18 Golf Course Finance Committee meeting as an example of Mayor Gary Gygi’s so called abuse of power.  (see CH Mayor Gary Gygi vs. First Amendemtn and Utah Open Public Meetings Law )

In public comment two weeks later on March 1, Cromar brought up the meeting again.

Cromar said he appreciated the council’s change in the previous meeting to the ordinance regarding photography and recordings of public meetings because that ordinance “had caused much abuse, none of which has been apologized for.”  (see STATEMENT: Ken & Barbara Cromar: Mayor harassed & bullied us with illegal Ordinance )

He said he was bringing the matter up because the city’s Facebook chatroom had been humming and smoking with the issue all day, and a lot of residents had a false impression of how hostile the crowd had been to him that night, hostile enough that a member of the city council called the police to protect him.

Cromar invited the mayor to make an apology.

The mayor demurred, “You know this is not a time for dialogue. You’re welcome to come speak with me any time and we can have that discussion.”   Timp Times C Calls 4 Gygi to Resign - 2016 Mar 22

“Are you sure there’s nothing that you’d like to say, Mayor, to correct the record?” asked Cromar.  “Is there anything that you’d choose to write by way of a letter of apology, anything that you’d do, that you’d—there’s so many Boy Scouts that came into this room and think that their mayor was actually protecting the city, and indeed the mayor was actually breaking his constitutional oath.  Is there anything you’d care to say?” Cromar added.

“This is your time, not my time,” the mayor said.

For the lack of apology, Cromar said, “Therefore, I will add my voice to that of Curt Crosby and Sam Bushman who have asked for your resignation.  (see ON AIR: Radio host call for CH Mayor resignation)  Mayor, you are unfit for this position.  You have demonstrated immense capacity for abuse of power, for misstating issues, for not documenting issues, for misrepresenting other people’s positions  (see Mrs. Smart to Mayor Gygi: "…You don't have any integrity" – MELTDOWN ), and I would be grateful if you would do this community a favor and allow room for a mayor who actually will serve the citizens of this community.  Thank you for your time.”

“Thank you very much, always a pleasure,” Gygi replied, turning his attention to reports from council members.

Toward the end of the reports, Gygi said, “Mr. Cromar, I’ve been thinking about what you said.”  He invited Cromar to come and see him some Thursday morning, without recording equipment, and talk about areas where each thinks they are owed an apology.  “Maybe we can come to a meeting of minds,” Gygi added.

Cromar made a counter offer, a debate for two hours on the radio, so it would be documented.  “You’ve certainly mis-represented me and who I am,” Cromar said, adding, “You don’t have the courage to stand up for what you think is right.” (see xxx)

“Public comment’s over, Mr. Cromar,” stated Gygi.

“Do you reject the offer?” asked Cromar.

“There is no way I’m ever going on your little radio show ever,” the mayor said.

“You owe this community a huge apology, sir,” Cromar said to the mayor, when told again that his time was up, “way up”.

“Likewise,” the mayor replied.

Following his report, Council Member Rob Crawley read a statement about free speech and the constitution, saying he thought the city never should have had restrictions on filming.  He offered Cromar a personal apology for anything he had done to harass Cromar.  (see CH Councilman Crawley reads Official APOLOGY Statement )

Mayor Gygi replied with “some background on the ordinance we changed,” saying it was crafted when the council was meeting in the old fire station, in a cramped room, and the city wanted to make sure people could get out of the room in an emergency without cameras begin in the way.  

(Harlow Clark's article is not available on-line, but transcribed here.  Timpanogos Times is a bi-monthly FREE newspaper available at Macey's and other outlets.)



TODAY! Party Caucus meetings & Precinct info

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CH Friends & Neighbors,

Tuesday March 22, the Republicans, Democrats and Constitution parties will meet in different locations to decide which individuals will represent their party in the general election in November.  This includes candidates President (Cruz, Trump, Clinton, Sanders), Governor, County Commissioners, etc.

web PatrioticBanner

Different parties meet at various locations.  For example, the Republicans in Cedar Hills will meet at either Lone Peak H.S. or at Deerfield Elementary on March 22 at 7 p.m.  The Libertarian and Independent American parties will meet next month on April 23.  Have your voice heard!  Attend your caucus meeting and vote for delegates who align with your preferences.  (see CH precinct map below)

To find Your Caucus Information, type in your address at…

Some power brokers are trying to change Utah’s excellent, informed, true grassroots Caucus system, so they can control outcomes easier.  If interested, check out…

Preserve our local neighborhood caucus system in Utah 

Thank you for caring about Cedar Hills, Utah and preserving the freedoms of our country!


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.07.56 AM

For full size PDF of CH Precincts…  CH Precincts voting-precinct-map




Mrs. Smart to Mayor Gygi: “…You don’t have any integrity” – MELTDOWN!

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CANDACE SMART – Is a member of the Smart family that owns the land south of Walmart, have been waiting “3 years” for the city to resolve its concerns regarding their property so they can sell it.  


At the Tuesday March 1st City Council Meeting, in her public comments Mrs. Smart said that Mayor Gygi has said one thing to her family in private and then something different publicly.  Mayor Gygi had a minor melt-down while continually interrupting Mrs. Smart before Councilman Zappala suggested that, “Mayor, I would suggest we let Mrs. Smart make her public comments, like any other resident.  Let’s just let her say her peace.”  To which Gygi snapped at Zappala, “Let me handle this!"  Mrs. Smart was not intimidated by the mayor and continued, “You’re defensive because you don’t have any integrity."

For Mrs. Smart’s complete comments listen to audio highlights compilation below.



KEN CROMAR’s Public Comments (transcribed):

Hi. My name is Ken Cromar – former CH City Councilman from 1994 – 2000.  You know, last time we were here my wife and I spoke.  I must say I was extremely proud of her to stand with me and in frankly what is a very difficult thing to do, to address this body.  We prepared our comments and you listened to them, and I appreciate that.

For Cromar and Mrs. Smart's com

CH Councilman Crawley reads Official APOLOGY Statement

Written By: admin - Mar• 02•16

Last night, at the March 1, 2016 Cedar Hills City Council meeting, Councilman Rob Crawley read the following Statement into the public record during his comment period, and posted today at his blogspot, he can only speak for himself and not other Councilmembers or the mayor:


Rob Crawley BLOG logo

I would like to make a statement regarding the controversial subject of Mr. Cromar and video taping the meetings.  Clearly the city was wrong in trying to limit his rights to video tape the meetings at the side of the room.  I am glad that we have loosened up the resolution limiting the press and where they can be.  I think that the city was wrong, first of all, to have the resolution on the books that it had.  I also think the city was wrong to stop a meeting and threaten Mr. Cromar. Rob Crawley blog pic

You know the Constitution is under fire and has been since it was passed by those that would prefer that government had more power over the people.  I believe certain sections of the Constitution are completely ignored such as the 10th Amendment.  We have a duty to speak up not only when we see a violation of the Constitution, but even when we see government skirting the line or getting into gray areas regarding the Constitution.

I would like to read the 1st Amendment to the Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

To abridge means to curtail, shorten or lessen.  If Congress doesn’t have the power to lessen the freedom of the press, then certainly Cedar Hills City does not.

I know that Mr. Cromar wanted an apology for trying to curtail his freedom of the press.  I applaud the Mayor for admitting that Mr. Cromar was 100% correct.  However, we failed to give him an apology.  I don’t always agree with Mr. Cromar and he doesn’t always agree with me.  However, there is one thing that he and I wholeheartedly agree on and that is the upholding of the Constitution.  I have seen Mr. Cromar harassed for exercising his freedom of the press on more than one occasion and I have remained silent.  I want to give him my sincere apology for not standing up for his Constitutional right at these times.  I do not have the authority to speak for the city to apologize on behalf of the city for this, but I will say that my 20% vote would be to offer him an official apology from the City as well. [emphasis added]

I am going to try to do better at first recognizing when an issue of Constitutionality exists and second standing up for the Constitution.



For Crawley's complete blog post…



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STATEMENT Ken & Barbara Cromar:  Mayor harassed and bullied us with illegal ordinance


ON AIR: Radio hosts call for CH Mayor resignation

Written By: admin - Feb• 29•16

A request for the resignation was made on today's Liberty RoundTable radio show.   Liberty RoundTable logo

In follow-up to last week's call for Cedar HIlls mayor Gary Gygi to "immediately resign", for ignoring and not responding to a list of grievances, made good on their promise to take their complaints to the airwaves.  


Liberty RoundTable offers Mayor Ggyi 

2-hrs of free radio time to explain himself to the public

On this morning's show the exasperated talk show hosts explained some of the many reasons they believe Mayor Gygi should step down.  They promised to continue exposing additional details about the mayor questionable actions — while encouraging him to professionally respond to the public or step down.

The Liberty RoundTable show — hosted by Sam Bushman with Co-Host Curt Crosby — is a nationally syndicated radio show that airs locally on Spanish Fork station am-1480 Monday thru Friday.  The show touts offering…

A variety of local, state, and national political topics are explored from a refreshing, unique and independent perspective. Political conversation that cuts through the spin and fluff to the heart of today’s key political issues. Promoting God, Family and Country in the media and our lives.


Audio from today's show (used here with permission) include highlights from two segments with related Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG) links:


First segment highlights…


Second segment highlights…



For related posting with text of email to Mayor Gygi inviting his resignation, see…



Related 2012 articles include: 

KSL video showing then Councilman Gygi said regarding then Mayor Eric Richardson,  

"My opinion of him is he has always been a good and honorable man — of extremely high integrity."  

With regard to Federal case against Richardson, Gygi said,

"You'll understand if I say that I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, until I understand what's going on."

Cedar Hills mayor accused of $2M investment scheme; city officials resign


After resignations, some Cedar Hills residents want mayor out











Nationally Syndicated talk show hosts: Call for CH Mayor Gygi’s RESIGNATION

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February 23, 2016


EMAIL TO:  Mayor Gary Gygi, CH City Attorney David Shaw, City Manager David Bunker, Councilmembers Rob Crawley, Ben Bailey, Jenney Rees, Mike Geddes, Daniel Zappala, City Recorder Colleen Mulvey, Ken Cromar, Jerry Dearinger, Paul Sorensen, Russ & Linda Fotheringham, Ken Severn, Curtis Macpherson


Hi Gary/Mr. Shaw/All,

Wow, did any one read my emails? It has been over a month with no response. At least Gary should have responded!     council-gary-gygi-180x225

The checks and balances in our current form of Cedar Hills government have failed us.   You have not attempted to redress our long list of grievances, nor clear Mr. Cromar and like-minded Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government’s (CHCRG) good names and reputations.   Gary in particular has abused and discredited the office of mayor, making himself unworthy of the title.

Since Gary has failed to publicly address our numerous grievances and retract his attack on Mr. Cromar and CHCRG we publicly call for Mayor Gygi's immediate resignation.

We agree with the city attorney Mr. Shaw that there is a difference between free speech and attacks that cross the line limited by laws surrounding defamation, libel, and slander.  

We further believe this right applies to all Americans and that government should never be allowed a platform for public officials to abuse the citizens it is supposed to serve. Protection of first amendment rights and respect for Utah open public records laws is a must to restore trust between citizens and elected officials who serve them. We declare that silence by city officials on this critical matter has become an unintentional endorsement of Gary’s tyrannical behavior that must be addressed.

We intend to use our rights in the form of nationally syndicated talk radio shows, YouTube and web articles to expose Cedar Hills government's corruption and personal attacks articulated above.  

Since Gary has abused and discredited the office of mayor, we reiterate our call for Mayor Gygi's immediate resignation!

Transparency, due process, and the rule of law are of the utmost importance for the proper role of government.  


Sam Bushman/Curt Crosby




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Three for three — 2012 Utah County Commissioners charged or under investigation  

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STATEMENT Ken & Barbara Cromar:  Mayor harassed & bullied us with illegal Ordinance

     February 20, 2016  —  First Amendment abuse by mayor resulted in City changing Ordinance, Gygi conceding "Mr. Cromar … 100% correct", — but no apology yet.




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Cedar Hills mayor resigns amid criticism over finances