INVITATION to CH Mayor Gygi: Demonstrate your allegiance to CH’s desires to preserve & protect AF Canyon from Snowbird

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February 4, 2016


RE:   INVITATION to CH Mayor Gary Gygi to prove allegiance to Cedar Hills residents desire to preserve & protect American Fork Canyon from Snowbird encroachment of our public lands at Utah County Board of Adjustments meeting TONIGHT


Cedar Hills Mayor Gary Gygi,

You claimed at Tuesday’s February 2, 2016 City Council meeting that “everyone knows my position” regarding those who want to preserve and protect American Fork Canyon vs. Snowbird development efforts.  You also stated the same at the July 7, 2015 City Council meeting and that you’ve now heard the desire of the majority of Cedar Hills, and will set aside personal desires regarding AF Canyon (including your hope for the construction of a gondola) and will represent the will of CH citizens.  Whether you’ve done so remains open to debate, but you have a wonderful opportunity at the Utah Count Board of Adjustments Committee meeting tonight to be clear, as they consider a very important decision regarding the future of American Fork Canyon.

Unless you can provide a recorded public declaration of your leadership in favor of your citizens desires to preserve and protect American Fork Canyon against environmentally compromising development efforts by Snowbird, your claim rings hollow.   As the lead Researcher in behalf of Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government, not aware of any actual documented declarations to date.  ( 

To the contrary, there are many documents including emails and your own Mayor’s Minute from the July 2015 city newsletter ( which indicate that you are more favorable to your agenda and Snowbird’s efforts, than to the desires of CH residents.   Many are confused, and left to conclude you have not been fully honest with Cedar Hills and Utah County residents. 

INVITATION:  May I invite you to personally and definitively make your position abundantly clear tonight, at the much discussed 5:15 p.m. Utah County Board of Adjustments meeting (Utah County Commission Chambers / 100 East Center street, suite 1400, Provo  I propose the you make public comment along the lines of: 

I, Gary Gygi, as the Mayor of the City of Cedar Hills and an original member of the now disbanded American Fork Canyon Vision Committee declare my disappointment that Snowbird officials did not initially inform me of their intent to secure land swaps up American Fork Canyon and their intent to use my influence, as well as other Utah County mayors and Utah County Commissioners to whom they made campaign contributions and provided various considerations — to their benefit against the greater interests of Cedar Hills & Utah County residents.   


Therefore, I respectfully request that this Utah County Board of Adjustments Committee table this agenda item regarding Snowbirds’ development request, until such time as Snowbird’s efforts to develop and encroach on public lands and water sheds, and other interests, can be fully and properly investigated and Snowbird's research claims vetted.  Thank you.



This clear and definitive declaration at tonight’s meeting will not only help me and many others believe you represent the desires and interests of Cedar Hills and Utah County residents on this issue, but more importantly help to curtail the efforts by Snowbird to secure greater advantages over the desires of thousands of Cedar Hills and Utah County residents to preserve and protect the unique and pristine nature of our public lands.  


Ken Cromar – researcher for 
Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government
former elected Cedar Hills Councilman (1994 to 2000)
9870 N. Meadow Drive
Cedar Hills, UT  84062



Preserve & Protect AF Canyon group wants government officials to obey the law. Amen!

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Preserve & Protect AF Canyon group appears to be making serious efforts to hold elected officials accountable and to obey the law.  This includes the proper fulfilling of GRAMA Requests, — a grave concern CHCRG readers are well aware of regarding our GRAMA request.  see…


The following information related to which has a website full of many valuable documents and insights and a Daily Herald article about complaint against Utah County commissioner.  And you may want to join in the conversation at their FACEBOOK page 



High Crimes and Misdeanors:  Removing Public Officials from Office in Utah and the Case fro Recall

by Timothy Pack



Attorney general's office receives complaint against Utah County commissioner

January 21, 2016 2:00 pm

The Utah Attorney General’s Office confirmed a complaint has been filed asserting a Utah County commissioner and a former commissioner accepted high-end gifts in 2013.

“I did find out a complaint was filed. I cannot confirm or deny an investigation, but we have received a complaint,” said Missy Larsen, the chief communications officer for the attorney general, on Tuesday. 

Alpine resident Bruce Dew said he filed a complaint Jan. 4 with the state attorney general against Commissioner Larry Ellertson and two other commissioners, who reportedly accepted and took a trip with other politicians to Switzerland in 2013 on a jet provided by Snowbird.

For complete article see… 


Thanks to Mark Allen and thousands of like-minded friends at Preserve & Protect American Fork Canyon!  Keep up the great work!!



Preserve & Protect AF Canyon to Mayor Gygi: Please answer questions & fulfill GRAMA requests

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Preserve & Protect AF Canyon group has had difficulty in getting straight answers and GRAMA requests fully provided from our CH Mayor Gary Gygi too.  CHCRG can definitely relate to their disappointment.

At the website are the following postings:



What did Mayor Gary Gygi of Cedar Hills know about Snowbirds plans? 



A January 30, 2016 posting by Protect American Fork Canyon Facebook to Cedar Hills residents, includes the following:

"Attacking processes and lack of transparency is not fun, but at times necessary. We suggest that a third party scour the emails of your mayor and city manager, rather than the individual themselves. In SL, the records officer or an attorney produces the records. Frankly Utah County allows the individual who has the GRAMA to pull their own records, we've found that problematic at the city and county level. 

"This should be a concern.. it is to us… confidential document outlining SB's plans.. back in 2013… Why did Mayor Gygi have this or ask to have this? Does this information go back to 2012-2013? Land swap is also referenced.. this is worrisome to our group. The vote on Feb 4th should be the concern. The points of pollution for decades from private land in upper AF Canyon should be a concern. …"

"…My suggestion? Have your city attorney, city recorder, Ben Bailey, Mike Geddes, Daniel Zappala sit together and pull the GRAMA responses from the Mayors email account. Simple.. really."

(Partial list of documents they've obtained are posted there.)





OPEN LETTER: CHCRG to City – Stop Destruction of City Records

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OPEN LETTER from Cedar Hill Citizens for Responsible Government


January 29, 2016


David Shaw 


  Acting City Attorney for Cedar Hills

2600 W. Executive Parkway  #400

Lehi, UT 84043


RE:  Cedar Hill Citizens for Responsible Government’s reiterates request for a Litigation Hold to protect ALL Cedar Hills city government records from further destruction, until possible legal action can be considered.


Mr. Shaw,

Thank you for your response.  The rationale in your email response regarding our request for a Litigation Hold is understood.  

However, due to the following reasons, we respectfully reiterate our request that you advise the City to place a hold on the destruction of any public records that may be responsive to our various GRAMA requests since 2011 to date relating to any of the following situations, until we are satisfied appropriate actions have been taken to correct the failures to properly protect, secure and reconstitute the City's past records and to put in place policies and procedures to properly protect the public records into the future.

Despite Cedar Hill Citizens for Responsible Government’s best effort in recent years to obtain and preserve certain public records via GRAMA requests, mayor Gary Gygi's recent FaceBook CH Chat Room acknowledgement of his failed attempt (innocently or intentionally) to destroy public records and his ignorance of State law, has served to highlight this important fact — WE HAVE NO REASON TO BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE ALWAYS RECEIVED ALL PUBLIC DOCUMENTS WE WERE LEGALLY AND LAWFULLY ENTITLED TO VIA GRAMA REQUESTS. 

We have come to this realization because of Mr. Gygi’s acknowledgement as noted above, coupled with consideration of the following facts:

1.  Gary Gygi chose to personally fulfill a recent GRAMA request for his public records, rather than the State certified Records Officer for Cedar Hills in City Recorder Colleen Mulvey at least once, possibly multiple times. (reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s alleged government email scandals)


2.  Gary Gygi altered photos for a GRAMA request that revealed his campaign materials & yard signs, and personal business in a city building.


3.  City Recorder Colleen Mulvey's recent acknowledgement of not knowing where the server is located and hence inability to guarantee its security or protect access to it.   See… 


4.  City Recorder Colleen Mulvey has not been fully or regularly obtaining, securing, preserving, backing-up and protecting the public record.


5.  Gary Gygi and former city attorney Eric Johnson publicly debated and disagreed as to what a public record even is in the presence of the State Record Ombudsman Rosemary Cundiff.       

    AUDIO – 2014 06 14 – Sam KEY clips – Cedar Hills Emails to Paper




6.  Former city attorney Eric Johnson admitted that CH could not completely fulfill our 2012 GRAMA request because then Council member Jim Perry, Marisa Wright, and Ken Kirk had allowed public records on their personal email accounts to be destroyed.

    AUDIO – June 15, 2012 – Utah State Records Committee – Ret. Judge Daniels on CH withholding records




7.  Former city attorney Eric Johnson admitted and promoted his “legal" strategy to withhold (hide) emails from public review by an apparent illegal blanket attorney-client-privilege via CC-ing emails to him.

    AUDIO – Attny Johnson – Council Work Session 18Feb2014



8.  Refusal by Council to correct the public record regarding Councilwoman Jenney Rees’ husband Matt’s attendance at a City Council meeting wherein he made numerous threats of physical violence towards CHCRG representative Ken Cromar.


In light of the above, we have little confidence that any of our GRAMA requests have been fully or properly fulfilled.  Additionally, for these and many other reasons, we have compelling reason to suspect that the most important, compromising, and damning communications may have been intentionally and illegally withheld to coverup unlawful, unethical, questionable and/or embarrassing actions while serving as city officials.  

Also in light of the above, it appears that the City of Cedar Hills has NOT done ALL within its power to err on the side of preserving all legally required documents.  Instead, there is an apparent effort (innocently or intentionally) for a number of years by certain city officials to err on the side of deleting any and all records that document the public’s business and/or delaying and discouraging the public’s access to it via GRAMA requests.

Finally, it is for the above reasons that Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government requested a litigation hold to stop ALL destruction of city records until such a time we determine whether we may need to bring legal action against the City of Cedar Hills or specific officials who appear to have been functioning unethically, incompetently, unprofessionally and/or illegally.  

Therefore, with all due respect Mr. Shaw, our request for the Litigation Hold stands.  


Ken & Barbara Cromar / Jerry Dearinger  / Paul Sorensen / Curt Crosby & others

    with additional research & endorsement by Sam Bushman of for…


9870 N. Meadow Drive
Cedar Hills, UT  84062



On Jan 27, 2016, at 6:59 AM, David J. Shaw wrote:

Mr. Cromar,

I am in receipt of your request for a "litigation hold" on all city records. In the future, please direct all such requests to my attention.

 Inasmuch as there is no litigation currently pending by you or others in your group, it is not possible for the city to reasonably anticipate the necessary. scope of any potential litigation hold. 

If litigation commences the city will reasonably comply with all obligations applicable in the context of litigation.





David J. Shaw

Kirton McConkie


On Jan 26, 2016, at 5:04 PM, Ken Cromar wrote:


Mr Bunker,

Please be advised of our request for a litigation hold on ALL city records as we consider possible legal action, including ALL communications from whatever source or place residing including but not limited to personal email, phone, etc. accounts.

Ken Cromar – researcher for 
Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government
former elected Cedar Hills Councilman
9870 N. Meadow Drive
Cedar Hills, UT  84062



Councilman Crawley Supports Citizen’s Initiative on Future of Golf Course

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Support A Citizen's Initiative On The Future Of The Golf Course


This past year has been an intense one for me on the City Council because of the controversial subject of the golf course.  I believe I have a unique perspective of the golf course and of the process that has been followed by the city as I have discussed how the golf course came to be with as many people involved as possible and I have researched into the finances of the golf course for approximately four years.

Following are the conclusions that can be drawn from this research:


1)      The first year of operations in the golf course the city invested $7,114,000 into the golf course fund.  This included the initial purchase price of the golf course and other cash needs to begin operation of the course.  This was funded mostly by debt.

2)      Since the first year, through 2014, the city averaged $520,000 of investment into the golf course yearly.

3)      The total investment into the golf course after 10 years (through 2014) was a little over $12 Million.

4)      The city will continue to need to invest in the golf course an average of approximately $500,000 ($200 per household) per year until the golf course bond is paid off in over 20 years unless the city decides to sell some property to developers to pay off the bond earlier.

5)      Contrary to what some would have you believe, the city/residents do have options regarding the golf course, including changing the use to parks.

6)      If the residents chose to change the golf course to parks through an initiative process, I estimate over $4 Million in savings for the city.  This is after investing $4 Million to convert the golf course into parks, which would allow the city to have nice park amenities.

7)      The legal obligations and hurdles are manageable when considering changing the use of the golf course.

8)      Home values of those very close to the golf course could be negatively affected by changing the use from a golf course to parks.

9)      Changing the use of the golf course would require selling holes 1-9 of the golf course that are located in Highland.  It would also require selling 30 of the approximately 100 acres of golf course space located in Cedar Hills to a developer.  This is the area East of Canyon road.


Those that live close to the golf course have made it very clear that they would like to keep the golf course and continue having the city invest in maintaining the golf course.  This will continue to cost all residents in the city, whether they benefit directly from having the golf course or not.  If the majority of city residents want to continue to subsidize the golf course, then the golf course should stay.  If the majority do not want to continue to subsidize the golf course and would rather subsidize parks, the golf course should be converted.

I suggest that a resident initiative process be started and that the future of the golf course be voted on in the next election period (2016).  The residents have been given a lot of truth regarding the golf course that they had previously been lacking.  They are now in a position to make a very intelligent decision regarding the golf course.  This issue has been a difficult issue in the city for many years causing much conflict and anger among the residents.  I feel that we are finally in a position to end the conflict through a vote and then live with our choice after this.

Many have said that we have had votes regarding this issue.  I would agree that we have had a vote, but the information presented by the city prior to this vote was very inaccurate.  We now have accurate historical information on which to base a future decision and I believe that everyone in the city would stand by the majority of a vote at this point.

The reason I have chosen this past year (2015) to focus on this issue is because there are some real needs on the golf course.  For instance, if we are to continue operating the course indefinitely, we will need a golf course maintenance shed for our equipment.  This will cost between $300,000 and $380,000.  We also have an issue where many stray golf balls from the driving range threaten damage and injury to residents and those passing by the golf course.  This will take money to resolve.  We need to be united as a city before we continue to spend large amounts of money on the golf course.

In order to have a citizen's initiative and a vote on the next ballot, a resident of Cedar Hills would need to initiate the process and obtain a required amount of signatures from registered voters.  Personally, I would support this process and will support the decision of the residents, I only want peace and unity in the city regarding this issue.


Cedar Hills Councilman Rob Crawley


Copied from 



Top 10 Stories of 2015

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Top 10 Stories of 2015 forthcoming

Election Recap

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Election Recap forthcoming

ELECTION: Unofficial Results – CHCRG helps Angela Johnson win Council seat!

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Congratulations to Angela Johnson winning a seat on the CH Council.  This adds another conservative voice to help Councilman Rob Crawley serve CH families and protect their tax dollars.   (See CH's preliminary Utah County election totals below.)  

Thanks to CH Voters from CHCRG  20151104_115104


Angela's win will help the voice of the citizens be heard, especially as the Citizen's Initiative Petition next year to finally bring the future of the golf course to a vote of the citizens — which Rees and Geddes are against.  Despite the Mayor's "unbiased" Golf Finance Committee's questionable last-minute "conclusions" against Councilman Crawley's golf finance & options research, CHCRG successfully promoted ideas held by many in the community, that helped Angela to her breakthrough win! Congratulations to Angela, her campaign, her family, and all the CHCRG supporters time, resources and efforts in her behalf.

NOTE:  The questionable claims and political tactics used by city insiders during the election will be documented and explored on this website at a later time.  Their efforts did not surprise CHCRG.  We anticipated their public ambush of Councilman Crawley's golf research results, and for this reason announced over two weeks before the final day of the Nov. 3rd election, that CHCRG would be forming a committee to draft the Initiative Petition for a vote on the future of the golf course.  (see… )


Utah County Votes "Against Tax Increase"

Also, the County voted "Against Tax Increase" of Prop #1.  The state-wide results will determine the fate of Prop #1.  This tax increase was actively supported by Mayor Gygi, Jenney Rees and Daniel Zappala at the Sept 8th Council Meeting. 


Thanks to Paul Sorensen

CHCRG is proud to have endorsed two excellent candidates in Paul Sorensen and Angela Johnson. (Note:  Paul & Angela did not seek CHCRG endorsements.)  Paul ran an honest, principle-based campaign, having knocked on hundreds of doors in CH to talk with the people.  As Paul's campaign mailer wrote, "[I] asked for your opinions", adding: 

While generally pleased with the direction of the city, I learned of some common concerns:

  • The vast majority is unhappy with heavy taxpayer subsidies for the golf course
  • CH residents still do not have promised parks, pools and other recreation opportunities
  • Mothers of young children expressed disappointment in lack of playgrounds & shade trees
  • CH residents are annoyed that road maintenance is delayed, when so much taxpayer $$ subsidizes the golf course
  • Many are concerned that the current Council didn’t protect CH’s small-town atmosphere zoning, which is now threatened by a high-density housing proposal south of Wal-Mart

Paul's key focus was to selflessly help residents learn important information about their city and to promote that the will of the people be heard.  With the forth-coming Citizens Initiative Petition drive for a vote on the future of the golf course, his efforts will pay off next year.  Thank you Paul & Diane!


Unofficial County Results

The following results are not final, but are unlikely to change with the late mail-in ballot and provisional ballot tabulations.  

Utah County ELECTION preliminary results 2015


Utah Co Prop #1 resultsfor all Utah County results please see…



Citizens Initiative Petition Drafting Committee being formed proposing vote on future of golf course

Written By: admin - Oct• 14•15

After years of controversy regarding the profitability and benefit of the golf course, a fully-informed VOTE by the citizens of Cedar Hills on the future of the Golf Course is now proposed.

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG) has long sought to help inform citizens regarding important and valuable information city officials appeared unwilling to provide its residents at our website .

Most recently, Councilman Rob Crawley — a CFO financial expert, who has by his own admission spent four years researching and discussing the city’s audited financials and explored alternative to keeping the golf course operating at $550,000 per year in average losses (taxpayer subsidies).  He requested that the Mayor and Council allow him to publish his findings in the October newsletter, as an alternative view to other Council member golf-related postings, but was refused.  

Crawley decided to courageously take this information to CH residents directly, printing a flyer (with supporting documentation at his blog) with his own money, and distributing it throughout the city.  Some of the highlights from his research include:

–  The original presentation used to promote citizen support for its purchase from the original developer, said that the golf course would cost taxpayers $0 zero.


–  They also forecasted $150,000 in profits in year #1, with $400,000 in annual profits by year #10.


–  Ten+ years later, the results are in.  According to financial expert and Councilman Rob Crawley's research of the City's audited financial, the golf course to date has cost every household in Cedar Hills an average of  $4,739.


–  Crawley's research has also shown the golf course has cost Cedar Hills taxpayers $12.3 million in subsidies.

He believes, and we agree, that it’s time for the Voters of Cedar Hills to be fully informed and given a voice in the future of the golf course.  We trust you and support your voice!
Last night the Mayor’s so-called “unbiased” Golf Finance Committee voted on final touches to a document it will be publishing countering Rob Crawley’s findings.  

Therefore, after much consideration, and patient observation, we, a few of your fellow residents, from Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government are announcing plans to create a Citizens Initiative Petition Drafting Committee, being formed to draft legal language that via the Initiative that will require the city to fully inform citizens on various viable golf course alternative options (including new parks, trails, soccer fields, etc.) and require a citywide vote on future of golf course.  

This proposed Initiative Petition requiring a citizen vote will require time to formulate, and will NOT affect this November's City Council election.  However, we feel it important to inform the public of this Initiative Petition Drafting Committee so residents can also be aware of three NEW City Council candidates (non-incumbents) we believe most likely to support a successful Initiative Petition that will genuinely promote your being FULLY-informed and have the opportunity to VOTE citywide on the future of the golf course, so that this issue can be settled once and for all.  

The candidates we can highly recommend for your voting consideration are:

Paul Sorensen

Angela CC Johnson

Ben Bailey

(Note:  None of the candidates sought CHCRG’s endorsement.)

These candidates are selected over the incumbent Council member and avid golf supporter Mike Geddes, and Council member (city public information officer) Jenney Rees, both of whom have refused numerous request to fully inform the public of the year-by-year golf course losses (taxpayer subsidies) and Rob Crawley’s golf financial research and proposed options to the golf course.  Despite their request for our votes, have simultaneously stated that they are unwilling to promote a vote by the citizens on the future of our golf course.

The Initiative Petition Drafting Committee plans to hold its first meeting within 10 days, and will be comprised of invitees that may include candidates for Council, members of the Golf Finance Committee, CHCRG members and other interested parties that are genuinely willing to promote a fully-informed citizen vote on the future of the golf course.

For further developments, please regularly visit





Councilman Crawley: Delivers Flyer with Info City won’t provide CH Voters

Written By: admin - Oct• 10•15

Councilman Rob Crawley is a financial professional.  Crawley states that he has been analyzing the city finances, as he promised in his campaign which got him elected for four years now, hoping to report his result to the Citizens of Cedar Hills..

Crawley’s research has focused on the controversial golf course and it’s $550,000 avg./yr. losses (taxpayer subsidies), and the long term trends.  He provided a report to the entire City Council (including incumbent candidates Jenney Rees and Mike Geddes) and Mayor in the hopes of gaining support to publish the information in the city newsletter to educate CH voters before the election.  He was refused.

Instead, Mayor Gygi decided to reconvene a golf finance committee which he claims is un-biased.  With time running out before the election, with no final results available, and Mayor Gygi refusing the information to be published, Councilman Crawley decided to take matters into his own hands in order to reach the people who elected him.

Crawley published a flyer with financial facts, and a “Option B” as a possible alternative to the golf course, printed it with his own money, and personally deliver many of the flyers door-to-door throughout the community from Oct. 7-10.

The following PDF is a copy of Crawley’s flyer, provide by him at CHCRG’s request for out readers…

PDF…  CH Councilman Rob Crawley Resident Letter 10-6-15 delivered citywide

In addition to the research and financial analysis provided on the flyer, Crawley invited readers to visit his blog where he posted pages of additional support documentation.

Could the Crawley Flyer Effect the Election?

The mail-in ballots have now been distributed citywide and sit in the hands of voters since Wednesday October 7th.

The impact of the Crawley flyer is unknown yet. For example, candidates who addressed the final question, “Are you in favor of a fully informed vote by the citizens of the future of the golf course?”, didn’t have the benefit of Crawley’s final financials analysis & “Option B”.  So, their comments were not yet fully informed.

Un-informed Candidate comments Oct. 1, YouTube available at…

What remains to be seen is if the candidates will now fully read his flyer and supporting documentation, understand it, and reconsider their positions.

Stay tuned!