SL Tribune – Salt Lake City’s golf woes face tough crowd in council

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Breaking uneven » Subsidies from general fund flatly refused.

By MATTHEW PIPER | The Salt Lake Tribune

First Published Feb 07 2017 08:36PM    •    Last Updated Feb 08 2017 04:59 pm


It's a good thing he's bald, said Derek Kitchen on Tuesday, because otherwise he'd have yanked out his hair hearing about Salt Lake City's beleaguered golf system.    

"This is the most frustrating conversation I've had since I joined the council," he said.

Having requested an update on the status of the city's Golf Enterprise Fund, the council heard that the city's six courses are on track — due in part to some water woes — to end the fiscal year with an operating budget $1 million on the wrong side of par.

What's more, Golf Director Dan Dent presented a litany of suggestions that council staff found to be in violation of council policy guidelines and maybe state law.

"I just can't have another conversation about golf when there's so many more important issues in our city," Kitchen said.

Quipped council Chairman Stan Penfold: "Thanks, Derek, I wish you were more comfortable telling us how you really feel."

Kitchen was the most straightforward but council members — even token golf advocate Charlie Luke — seemed to agree that the administration should return before them with a plan that doesn't include an influx of general funds.

Those options include: closing the lowest-performing courses and repurposing them as public space, reducing pay and benefits for course workers, and partnering with Salt Lake County or private entities.

Dent maintained that while there is little hope of reducing the operating deficit in the next few years, the courses remain a potential source of profit.

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Comment:  Publiic golf courses are "potential source of profit"?  Really?  They must be drinking the same Golf Koolaid in Salt Lake that the current and former Cedar Hills mayors have been serving their citizens.  Hint — our CH golf course in CH has never made one dollar of profit in any year — and cost an average $500,000 each and every year to float it.

Unicorns.  Leprechauns.  Easter bunnies.  When will Mayor Gygi come clean and publish a front page year by year golf course losses?  



Former Vice President candidate Scott Bradley speaks on “America’s Foundations”

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At 7:00 PM on Tuesday night, Scott Bradley will be speaking on "America's Foundations".  This event is sponsored by the Cedar Hills Chapter of "Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County" at the city club house building.  All are welcome!

With Scott's credentials and most recently his running for the position of Vice President of the United States of America with the Constitution Party, it is a real privilege to have him come from Cache Valley to speak to us.

See flyer here ..    2 Scott Bradley Class



ANNOUNCING: Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County

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If you are interested in information about or requesting to join the Facebook group “Constitutional

Conservatives of Cedar Hills”, read the flyer below and/or email one of the local leaders and let them know of your


web PatrioticBanner


click on this PDF…  2 CC of Cedar Hills Flyer




2016 Year in Review – tba

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2016  Year in Review – TBA – article planned for posting

Desnews on AF Canyon: Measure the risks with an eye toward spring

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Next step for American Fork River: Measure the risks with an eye toward spring

By @amyjoi16


SALT LAKE CITY — State water quality officials will insist on an action plan to prevent further contamination of the American Fork River from lead-laden sediment that killed thousands of fish in a two-mile stretch.

That plan will be put together by the North Utah Water Conservancy District with an eye toward preventing sediment from being stirred up by rain or spring runoff, said Walt Baker, director of the Utah Division of Water Quality.

He said the division also expects to get an estimate from project engineers on the amount of sediment that washed into the river as a result of the Tibble Fork Dam's $7.3 million rehabilitation and expansion project.

"We have moved sediment from point A to point B over a six-mile expanse," Baker said. "There needs to be an assessment of how bad it is and what steps need to be taken to remediate it."


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To Mayor Gygi:  Will you speak out against Snowbird now?  Or resign please?


CH Officials Warn Residents of Metals Contamination in American Fork River

DEQ Water Samples Show Metals Contamination in American Fork River

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August, 26. 2016 

CONTACT :  Donna Kemp Spangler – Communications Director 

Office: 801-536-4484  –  Cell: 801-554-4944 

Department of Environmental Quality 

Alan Matheson  – Executive Director 

Brad T Johnson – Deputy Director 


DEQ Water Samples Show Metals Contamination in American Fork River 

Public Cautioned to Avoid Sediments 

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah health officials are cautioning the public, especially children, to stay out of the American Fork River from Tibble Fork Reservoir and downstream after water samples analyzed by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) found elevated levels of lead in the sediments. (emphasis added)

The samples taken above and below Tibble Fork Dam on Tuesday showed elevated levels of metals in the sediment, but lower concentrations in the water. 

As a precaution, the Utah County Health Department (UCHD) plans to post “caution” signs along the river, urging people to avoid wading in the river and walking along the banks due to the potentially toxic sediments that were unleashed Saturday from a dam rehabilitation project. 

UCHD also advises that if the members of the public experience exposure, or come into contact with the river bank sediment, that the sediment be washed from all skin, clothing, or equipment to avoid possible contamination of automobiles or homes. 

Since elevated concentration of metals appear mostly in the sediment, not the water, agricultural users can continue to use the river for irrigation. Based on the sampling results, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food issued a statement explaining that it does not believe the water poses a risk for livestock or crop irrigation. 

Drinking water is not impacted because the river is not used for culinary purposes. Springs used by American Fork residents for drinking water are not connected to the impacted areas. However, American Fork City is testing the springs as a precaution. At this time, there is no indication that any culinary water was impacted. 

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is urging anglers to practice “catch and release” as a precaution. DWR biologists collected live fish from the creeks to determine whether the sediment releases had any long term effects. Biologists will work with DEQ and the Utah Department of Health to monitor potential impacts to aquatic wildlife and to ensure that fish are safe to consume. 

DEQ’s Division of Water Quality took water column and sediment samples from four locations, including above and below the reservoir and mouth of American Fork Canyon. Two data sondes have been deployed above and below the dam to continuously monitor water quality parameters. 

Located in American Fork Canyon, Tibble Fork Reservoir is fed by the American Fork River, Deer Creek, and Tibble Fork Creek. The reservoir is a popular fishing, hiking, canoeing, and boating area. 



CH Officials Warn Residents of Metals Contamination in American Fork River

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The following email was sent by the City of Cedar Hills to residents Friday night…


From: "City of Cedar Hills" <>

Date: Aug 26, 2016 10:42 PM

Subject: DEQ Water Samples Show Metals Contamination in American Fork River

To:  All Cedar Hills Residents

Dear Resident,

During the past week several reports have surfaced regarding discharge flows from the Tibble Fork Dam Rehabilitation Project. On Friday, August 26, 2016, national, state, and local leaders held a meeting to discuss water sample data from the American Fork River, resulting from the Tibble Fork discharge event. The following news release from the State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality summarizes the potential health risks and includes citizen advisories for contact with discharge sediment.

As an added precaution, the City of Cedar Hills has eliminated all irrigation water in the pressurized irrigation system that is typically received through the American Fork River. Although the city’s pressurized irrigation system received a very minor amount of flow from the American Fork River, the city's public works department has now shut off all incoming flows to our system. The irrigation system will be supplied with flows from other sources until further notice. Please note that the irrigation system may contain limited amounts of American Fork River water for the next 24 hours. We invite residents to conserve irrigation water and heed the recommendations of the State Department of Environmental Quality as noticed in the news release.

View the DEQ News Release.

Or read their PDF attached here … CH water contaminant report – tibblepresser26




To Mayor Gygi: Will you speak out against Snowbird now? Or resign please?

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Mayor Gary Gygi,

Protect & Preserve AF Canyon FB alert on BM video

Mayor Gygi, you have some responsibility here because of your tacit support of Snowbird's secretive operations.  Will you now disavow Snowbird and its continuing efforts to impose on our American Fork Canyon and water supply?  Remember your comments at AF High School one year ago, July 1, 2015…?


You’ve NEVER publicly chastised Snowbird for their abuse of the public disclosure process, and fought in behalf of The People you are supposed to protect and serve.  Will you do so now?  Mayor Gygi, to whom is your allegiance; the greedy Snowbird owners or the good folks living in Cedar Hills?  Please call for Snowbird to immediately and proactively clean up its own toxic mine tailings and Tibble Fork Reservoir bed, before it’s too late.  

If not, maybe it is time for you to reconsider the calls for your resignation.

Ken Cromar signature blue 2 med


Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman (1994 to 2000)


Blue Moon Productions




NOTE:  The email was CC'd to the CH Council, City Manager and following Mayors & Councils and news outlets :

David Bunker <>, Rob Crawley <>, Ben Bailey <>, Daniel Zappala <>, Mike Geddes <>, Jenney Rees <>, David CH attorney Shaw <>, Mark Allen <>, Mayors & Councils Utah County <>, Don Watkins <>,, Brad Frost <>,,,,,, Benjamin Wood <>,,,, Deseret <>,, David Daily Herald <>, Scott Tittrington <>, Sam Bushman <>, KSL 5 – Richard Piatt <>



Councilman Rob Crawley Blog: “More On the Alcohol Issue”

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Friday, July 29, 2016

"More On the Alcohol Issue"

Last week at the city council meeting, there was an agenda item #15 of 20 agenda items that was listed as "Review/Action to amend the Cedar Hills Grill Concession Agreement". This ammendment to the agreement changes the wording on the concessions contract with Sumting Asian LCC from "Tenant may not serve alcohol on the premises" to "Tenant may serve alcohol on the premises".  Rob Crawley blog pic

With this small change in wording, the city rec center grill will now be serving alcohol to the general public. Also, this changes the golf course to where golfers now have the stamp of approval of the city to drink alcohol on the golf course and can buy it from the grill. 

The city council voted 4-1 to approve this change with my vote as the dissenting vote. The interesting thing about this item is there was not a single resident comment before the vote. There are several residents that said that they wanted to be there if they only knew the change was about alcohol. Although the main topic was alcohol, the word alcohol is not mentioned in the agenda until page 27. It is clear that the subject of alcohol should have been mentioned in the agenda. Here is the link to the agenda:


For historical perspective, back in 2001 when the city was trying to decide whether to issue a revenue bond to finance the golf course, Mayor Sears circulated a flyer listing several inaccuracies that had been communicated to residents. One of those inaccuracies was titled, "Alochol and Sunday Operation". He said "City ownership of the course is the only way to insure control of hours of operation, types of beverages sold or other activities at the golf course." Those that were against alcohol being sold at the course were assured that the city would not sell alcohol. This is one of the reasons why it has been 15 years since this vote until it has finally been approved to sell alcohol at the golf course.

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Mayor Gygi responds on vote for “Alcohol” – sort of…

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Saturday July 23, 2016 – Mayor Gary Gygi responded to CHCRG email  (see previous CHCRG post) "CHCRG to Mayor Gary Gygi – "Is it True?" – ALCOHOL sales were approved for the Golf Clubhouse?

Mayor Gygi wrote:

Mr. Cromar, thank you for your interest in our city.  I will answer your questions but feel free to reach out to the city manager or city attorney for more information.  Yes, the city council did vote to approve the third party vendor who runs the grill to be able to sell beer in the grill by a 4 to 1 vote, Mr. Crawley voted against it.  I do not write the agendas for the council meetings, a staff member writes the agenda language.  I do know that some people are against alcohol at the golf course and grill and some people are for it.  I did step out of the meeting to take care of some other city business, there was a house in Cedar Hills that recently almost burned down, the father rushed in to save his son and both were injured but alive.  The fire chiefs were meeting with the father and his wife, they invited me and I was gone for about 30 minutes.  The rest of your questions relate to my feelings on the matter, I am not in favor of what the council did, I would not have voted for this if I were to have voted.  As you know, the mayor only votes to break a tie which this vote was not.  I have stated publicly that I don't think the city should ever get a liquor license and sell alcohol in the rec center.  The ordinance that was passed is not allowing Cedar Hills city to sell the beer but I am still not in favor of it.  I don't believe much revenue if any at all will go to the city, the revenue goes to the grill vendor but one could make the argument that the city may attract more golfers who like to have a beer after golfing.  People that were in favor of the vote presume that all drinkers are responsible which is not true, those who were against it presume that all those who drink beer are not responsible and this is not true either.  Finally I believe that you know what your rights are and actions available to you are now that the council has acted.




CHCRG Head Researcher Ken Cromar replied to Mayor Gygi…

From: Ken Cromar

Subject: Mayor Gygi deceives CH Residents / promotes alcohol… Re: Is it true? – ALCOHOL sales were approved for the golf clubhouse grill on a 4 to 1 vote Tuesday?

Date: July 25, 2016 at 9:01:42 AM MDT

To: Gary Gygi <>

Cc: Rob Crawley <>, Jenney Rees <>, Daniel Zappala <>, Mike Geddes <>, Ben Bailey <>, David Bunker <>, and Friends of CH and other CHCRG members, and some Press


Mayor Gygi,

Thanks for your response [above], but unfortunately, you failed to answer some key questions:

1.)  Did you write up the July 19th Council agenda doc?  If not, who did please?

As you know Mayor, you are responsible for the Agenda, regardless of who may draft it for you.  Why are you throwing some unnamed city employee under the bus?  This is your responsibility.  You didn’t do your job.  Own it.  


2.)  Was this omission of the subject of “Alcohol” done to hide or deceive the public regarding this important community issue?

Whether you take responsibility for your actions or not, the result is the same — an attempt to put alcohol in at the Family Rec Center — without CH residents knowing it was on your agenda.  You deceived CH residents when you left “Alcohol” out of the Agenda #15 description, thus secretly promoted alcohol at our “Family" facility.


3.)  Would you like to see this action repaired with a fully informed Public?

Do you want to take responsibility for your leadership and public disclosure fail, will you STOP the contract process before it gets signed, and start the public process over?  Yes or no?


City Council members, you too should have known better.  Reportedly Councilman Crawley and City Manger David Bunker encouraged the Council to table this issue until properly noticed to the public.  You went ahead and voted for this anyway.  This is not ethically defensible.  But, good news!  it’s not too late.  You can still fix this error.  Please be honest with CH residents.  Please be fair.  Start the process over and be responsible.  If you don’t, please consider this headline:

Mayor Gygi deceives public, allows Council to secretly vote on Alcohol at our Family Rec Center, endangers our children.


Mayor, in conclusion, your email response is unsatisfactory.  It is obviously duplicitous of you to write, "I have stated publicly that I don't think the city should ever get a liquor license and sell alcohol in the rec center.”  when you simultaneously facilitate alcohol at what was supposed to be the  FAMILY REC CENTER without informing CH residents.  

Please stop insulting the public, own and fix this error immediately.


Ken Cromar signature blue 2 med

Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman 1994-2000