THANK YOU! – to Cami Gygi & Andrea Crawley and their children

Written By: admin - May• 12•17

Being a spouse and children of a public official is not an easy thing.  

Whether CHCRG agrees with some, all or none of what an elected official has done, their wives and children deserve our HUGE thanks for their personal sacrifices of their spouses / children for missing for many hours at a time, which likely totals weeks and possibly months, — doing the public's business.   council-gary-gygi-180x225

Cami Gygi is the wife of Mayor Gary Gygi and the mother of their three children.  

Andrea Crawley is the wife of Councilman Rob Crawley and the mother for their five children (which includes adoptions).

Both Gygi and Crawley have announced that they will not be running for re-election to their Cedar Hills offices.  Thanks for the good things you both have done.

council-crawley-150x188Cami, Andrea and the children deserve our heartfelt thanks for their selfles sacrifices of their husbands time and attention, they made for the residents of Cedar Hills they hoped would be of blessing and service to us all.  We are grateful.

T H A N K   Y O U !




Note:  Pictures not included to respect privacy.


BLINK! – Gygi bails on his own “debate / fight” — Announces he WILL NOT run for Mayor!

Written By: admin - May• 11•17

After numerous email exchanges with Mayor Gary Gygi, that included Gygi's challenge to former Councilman Ken Cromar to a "debate/fight" he was "itching" to have — Gygi blinked in the game of chicken he started.  

The Mayor retreated from his own proposed "debate / fight" with Cromar designed by him to "set the record straight" regarding his oft-reported abuses of power, misappropriation of city funds, undeclared conflicts of interest, withholding & manipulation of records, etc., which CHCRG has exposed, documented and reported here at  In a surprise move, Gygi also announced he will not run again for Mayor in Cedar Hills.  

Rather than respond to the emails, Gygi contacted the Daily Herald and secured what appeared to be an unpaid Gygi promo, complete with photo shoot glamour shots.  The Daily Herald printed Gygi's list of syrupy self-congratulatory "accomplishments" apparently as provided by Mayor Gygi and by Councilmember Jenney Rees, — but without support documentation.  

The article's most dubious claim was that the 2012 Golf Finance Committee had successfully, "…Helped residents understand how much the city subsidized the golf course, and the fact that the course would never make money."  Their claim is not true.  

The opposite is closer to the truth.  This Mayor and most Councilmembers have gone to great effort to cover-up and hide the financial facts from CH residents, burying unintelligible numbers in financial reports, while publicly ridiculing CHCRG and others's factual reports, — and always declaring their golf "successes" particularly when nearing elections.

THANK YOU! – Mayor Gygi and Councilmember Jenney Rees for FINALLY telling the truth about the financially failed golf course

CHALLENGE:  When and on which CH Newsletter front page did you Mayor Gygi, Rees, the Council or City ever tell the public that the golf course would "never make money" please???  Mayor, if you're as honest as you say you are, please prove it on the June 2017 CH Newsletter's front page?

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government has for many years tried to encourage the Mayor and Council to come clean with CH residents.  CHCRG has challenged the City to post the complete year-by-year golf course subsidies ( $$ losses) on the same Newsletter front page that touted the golf course was "cash flow positive" (profitable) — that narrowly got Ggyi & Rees elected "under false pretenses, manipulations and deciet" in the November 2011 election.  

To claim now, almost six years later, during Gygi's ignominous exit, that they fully informed the citizens of the approximately $500,000 avg. yearly losses — is near the height of indefensible dishonesty.  Though Gyi & Rees have succeeded in fooling many CH citizens for many years, that doesn't mean they've been 100% honest in their dealings with the residents.

The Herald article is checkered with other such fantasy statements, which will be addressed in a separate CHCRG post later … 

Gary Gygi not running again for Cedar Hills mayor seat

"Though he’s taking a break from politics, Gygi doesn’t rule out the possibility of serving again — but if he does, it will probably be at the state level, he said."

Gygi's higher ambitions may explain why two Cedar Hills officials (surrogates) have contacted Cromar / CHCRG four times within the past week communicating in behalf of the Mayor, "Gary asked me to call you & CHCRG to invite no more reporting about him and his record, etc., because after all, he is not running for CH Mayor again."  council-gary-gygi-180x225

Strange.  Now that all the considerable damage is done (which is documented on this Blog), Gygi didn't even have the courage/integrity to make good on his own challenge to "debate / fight ", nor the courtesy to answer numerous email questions about his actions over six years, nor the human decency to make the phone "calls for peace" himself.  No apologies were offered from Gygi either.

Does this mean a clear and smooth road for Gygi in his long-whispered aspirations to run for the Utah Governor seat?  

At Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government we love our beautiful little Cedar Hills and the greata state of Utah.  Therefore it should be no surprise when we say we believe many, many Cedar Hills residents, Preserve & Protect American Fork Canyon members, City Staff and city officials who have carefully watched Gygi's political career, hope this politician's career is over.




FACTUAL STATEMENT: Gygi won 2011 election thru “false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”

Written By: admin - May• 09•17

After Mayor Gygi challenged former Councilman Ken Cromar to an election "debate / fight" then retreated at Cromar's challenge to do it immediately, some thought Cromar's comments regarding the Mayor's election and "abuse of power" too much.  

Cromar responded to Angela Johnson – a 2015 Candidate for CH Council – with an email thanking her for bringing up her concern, complimenting her fearless efforts to obtain public records in 2012 in face of city harassment, and reiterating that it is a documented "factual statement" that the November 2011 election been "stolen under 'false pretenses, manipulation and deceit', and that Gary Gygi himself agreed!  

Cromar's email included some links to "proof" that the statement is factual.  His email remainded CC'd to those in the chain, including the Mayor, Council, key City Staff & members of CHCRG, and as such is a public record, as follows…


Your request will be honored and your name will be removed the email chain. No problem.  I’m actually very pleased that you brought this issue up Angela.  Thank you!  Please allow me to explain…

First, I’m sorry if I offend you.  I understand that contention created by abusive and aggressive government is definitely uncomfortable.  It always has been, and always will be — but that’s because of “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.”  (D&C 121:39)  Cedar Hills has not been immune.  CHCRG’s effort to protect the community and honest officials from those who are not, is a worthy cause!  But trying to address it certainly isn’t anyone I know’s idea of fun.  I believe in being honest and direct.  Please forgive me that I don’t know how to do so in a manner more to your liking.  

Before you go, please let me say that your email caused me to reflect on you, and reminds me of what a champion you have been Angela in the past in getting to the bottom of issues.  You too know what it means to be abused by City officials just for asking for public documents.  Remember all that was done to you because of your GRAMA request in 2012 about the City Manager and his abuse of city funds and his pay and perks?  You were absolutely amazing in your resolve that finally exposed him and eventually led to his ignominious departure — though he was awarded a 9-months severance pay of over $100K!  (I always saw it more as “hush money” — fact! — read the severance agreement.)  Unfortunately this wasn’t before 20-year veteran City Recorder Kim Holindrake was sacrificed by the same unscrupulous mayor.  Please see…  You were accused of being a “Korihor soldier”!, when in fact you were a citizen Rock Star!  Thanks again Angela for that difficult but valuable service to us your CH neighbors!  

Also, before you go, please allow me to just say that the “documented false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”  statement is factual and is NOT rash speculation — and must be declared as such!   May I remind you and the others of the Daily Herald’s report at the November 2011 election (published too late) where Gary was elected under false pretenses of a profitable golf course, that launched us on our current leadership path?  Please take a moment to re-read this landmark expose’ …

Money Trap in Cedar Hills


Please remember that Mayor Gygi to this day has refused to “come clean" by publishing a complete year by year loses on the golf course on the same front page of the City Newsletter that misinformed the public and served to get him elected.  Had the election not been stolen under “false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”, we can only imagine what good and citizen empowerment may have occurred?  Jerry Dearinger and Paul Sorensen were honorable, seasoned professionals and would’ve been fantastic leaders, and helped to clean up the mess created by so many mischievous predecessors.  Shouldn’t we do our best to help stop the trend that began in 2011 and continues to this day?  Isn’t it time for a new start in Cedar Hills?

Mayor Gygi knows my statement is true, and he has proven it for me.  In 2011, the then Councilman-elect Gary Gygi admitted this just days after the 2011 election, in a document only discovered many months later in our much-ballyhooed "6000 page GRAMA request" exposed that the newly elected Council (Gygi, Rees and Augustus) discovered they were assisted in being elected under false pretenses.  Remember this…?


But, do you recall we only learned these above facts TEN MONTHS AFTER the election, when the State Records Committee ORDERED the City to provide the Public documents the City kept stalling on providing because they were doing City business  on private email accounts?   By then the “crime” was committed, many records on private email accounts had been destroyed, the damage was done, followed by a mayor who resigned to face federal charges and prison, all of which Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government reported — but by then no one cared as the CH government machinery had ground on into its newest and latest michief.  See the stories about this that began here …


Mayor Gygi’s  tyrannical management of City staff, abuse of Council and citizens, and a number of other dishonorable and oath-breaking actions, have harmed many including me and my family.  While forgiving him on a personal level is easy, he has offered no apologies nor demonstrated ability to change, and hence should not be allowed matches or government any longer.

It’s a tough thing to stand up against government corruption, but I believe that stand we must!  Remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the pastor who stood up against much greater forces in the Nazis of WW2?  He inspires me to stand when saying nothing would be so much easier.  Bonhoeffer paid with his life when he said …

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

Again, thanks for causing me to reflect on your amazing bravery in times past, the well being of our City, and Mayor Gygi’s questionable actions.  While my manner may not be to yours and some others liking, I make no apologies for pointing out the truths I see including my belief that  Mayor Gary Gygi obtained his office by “documented false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”  and that, "We need a new, 100% open, honest and transparent Mayor in Cedar Hills."

Angela, thanks for the good things you’ve done.  No problem — I will not burden you with additional emails.  


Ken  Cromar

[Former elected CH Councilman  1994 to 2000

Researcher for Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government]


Cromar and many CHCRG members supported and promoted Angela.

Mayor Gygi has not responded to the offers to help him defend his record in a public "debate / fight" he proposed — but in May as proposed by Cromar in oreder to provide Gygi the benefit of public opinion & immediate feedback help him decide whether he should run again for CH Mayor.




To Mayor Gygi: “We want you to have the chance to explain yourself publicly.”

Written By: admin - May• 06•17

Two weeks had passed without a response from Mayor Gygi to a "fight / debate" he said he would "love to have".  He had been offered the opportunity to have his "itch" to "debate/fight" former Councilman Cromar to be "scratched" with an immediate debate. Cromar offered to help Gygi defend his questionable tenure by not waiting until the election season, but rather to debate immediately to help him learn from the citizens if they would like to have him run again.  Cromar explained…

I love our beautiful little Cedar Hills and want to protect my many kind friends and neighbors of Cedar Hills from your continued abuse.  They are worth fighting for and deserve to know the truth regarding your record. We want you to have the chance to explain yourself publicly.  

On Monday May 1, 2017  –  10:49 a.m. Cromar sent the following email, presented in its entirety here, to …

Mayor Gygi,

It has been over 14-days and you’ve not responded to the offer.  Did you see it?  We are trying to help you in your stated desire to promote truth to Cedar Hills residents.  

As you know, you got into office under documented false pretenses, manipulation and deceit.  You have maintained your power to date similarly.  

Unfortunately, your statements and actions during your time on the Cedar Hills Council have often been in direct opposition to open, honest and transparent government.  As you know, this is why three of us have publicly called for your resignation with accompanying detailed explanations.  You failed to respond then too.  

I believe your being mayor of Cedar Hills has not brought out the best in your moral character, and has simultaneously harmed many citizens (including me and my family), City staff, and Council members as you have regularly misappropriated public resources and abused powers entrusted you.  Many would also like your reign of abuse to end.  Therefore, if you ignore this also, it won’t be a surprise.  You’ve proven yourself disinterested in open, honest, public dialogue, especially as it relates to your “service” to the community.  

You claim, "Regarding my candidacy for Mayor, I have not made up my mind but if I choose to run, in the spirit of competition, I would love you to run against me.  That is a fight/debate I would love to have, in fact itching to have.”  I for one, do not believe your claim of “not made up my mind”, “itching”, etc.  And, I absolutely don’t want to encourage or provide you any excuse to run by fanning the flames of your enmity and disdain for me and Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government by my committing to run against you.  Your run should not be encouraged.  We need a new, 100% open, honest and transparent Mayor in Cedar Hills.  It has been many years since we’ve had one.

Yes, that is a strong statement, but it is true.  If you disagree, wouldn’t you welcome the opportunity to fully explain and defend your record publicly as you “make up your mind” about running for mayor?   

Finally, in the interest of Cedar Hills and exposing the facts surrounding your “service", please allow me to suggest an adjustment to the previous offer.  I will make myself available to a debate within 30-days, as previously offered with PG Voices representatives as moderators, but only IF YOU COMMIT to stay on the topic of your service / actions within Cedar Hills Government — and with promise of no personal attacks from either of us?  If you are afraid of me, then I imagine I might be able to persuade Curt Crosby, Paul Sorenson, Jerry Dearinger, Sam Bushman and/or others to do so.  The details of this proposed May debate could be mutually agreed.

I love our beautiful little Cedar Hills and want to protect my many kind friends and neighbor of Cedar Hills from your continued abuse.  They are worth fighting for and deserve to know the truth regarding your record. We want you to have the chance to explain yourself publicly.  

Please accept this offer by responding in writing by end of day Friday May 5th, or your “No” will be assumed and the offer will be withdrawn.

Most Sincerely,

Ken Cromar signature blue 2 med


Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman – 1994 to 2000

9870 N. Meadow Drive

Cedar Hills, UT  84062



NOTE:  Mayor Gygi ignored two offers in 2 1/2 weeks, and missed the deadline of "end of day May 5th" to accept the offer to "debate / fight" as he requested and wrote he was "itching" for.  Hence, as promised, the offer is "withdrawn".

Apparently Gygi doesn't believe his own record is worth defending.  Mr. Cromar, along with many others, including some City staff, Council, CHCRG members, Preserve and Protect AF Canyon members, and many CH residents who have been directly harmed, including Cromar's family, — can at least agree with Gygi on that important point.

The full email exchanges should be available in the public record, unless destroyed by offiicials as has occured in recent years.  



Additionally, CHCRG readers may want to read these two previously published posts for additional information.

Mayor Gygi challenges former Councilman to a "fight / debate"


To Mayor Gygi:  "Why wait for the election?"  Let's do it now!






To Mayor Gygi: “Why wait for the election?” Let’s do it now!

Written By: admin - May• 06•17

Mayor Gygi declared that he was "itching" to have a "debate / fight" with former City Councilman Ken Cromar and current researcher for Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government. (CHCRG)  Apparently feeling that his record while in office since 2012 had been called into question too many times by Cromar, this CHCRG website and its members, City employees, Preserve American Fork Canyon supporters, and many Cedar Hills residents, Mayor Gygi declared in his email …

On Apr 11, 2017, at 10:02 AM, Gary Gygi <> wrote: 

"… Regarding my candidacy for Mayor, I have not made up my mind but if I choose to run, in the spirit of competition, I would love you to run against me.  That is a fight/debate I would love to have, in fact itching to have. 

Cromar responded offering a proposed better plan to get at the truth Gygi claimed to desire immediately …

Congratulations! I have good news for you! There is no need to wait for an election “fight/debate”, we want to help you be able to tell your side of the story sooner than later!

Cromar offered an alternative that would allow the truth Mayor Gygi claimed he wanted the residents to have could happen immediately, within 30 days to allow the public to schedule and attend, so the citizens could reaction to his defense of his record could help him determine whether the People wanted him to run for Mayor again.  A similar citizens group in Pleasant Grove called PG Voices was contacted and agreed to act moderators to insure fairness, focus and order.

Cromar's complete email to Mayor Gygi and CC'd to the City Council, City Manager & Staff, and some CHCRG members on April 17, 2017 – 11:37 a.m. read as follows …

Mayor Gygi,

Thanks for your interesting email, take on things and “narrative” spin.  I’m glad that you’re “itching” to get at the truth. 

Congratulations! I have good news for you! There is no need to wait for an election “fight/debate”, we want to help you be able to tell your side of the story sooner than later!

I am happy to inform you that I have contacted Jennifer Baptista & Lori Ann Williams from a Pleasant Grove citizens watchdog group called PG Voices, similar to our Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government, to moderate an event that would allow you to answer questions and “correct the record”.  This proposed “State of the City of Cedar Hills Q&A with Mayor Gary Gygi” would allow you the opportunity to address concerns surrounding some of your behavior/“service" that led to your original Council  and subsequent appointment as mayor.  There are many who have questions which could be asked in an orderly manner with the help of kind moderators Baptista and Williams and you could take the time you feel necessary to fully respond.  Also, with your help, no doubt we could schedule this public event to take place at the golf club house, where the moderators have agreed to keep the discussion / questions fair and focused on Cedar Hills city business and your part in it — as opposed to personalities.  (Note: This has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you and your “public service” as our paid official managing city resources and staff.)

Mayor Gygi, with your oft declared great interest in the truth and your desire of being fairly presented to Cedar Hills residents and voters, we are confident your “itch” will compel you to “scratch” (jump) at this opportunity to find the earliest possible date, preferably within 30-days, and with enough time to invite the public?

With the positive response you calculate to garner from such an event, this will no doubt help invaluable data as you carefully determine whether to announce to run again for mayor or not — sooner than later — and thus serve the interest of Cedar Hills residents concerned about the important mayor position.  This will also serve to help anyone else who may want to consider throwing their hat into the ring of consideration by CH voters.  That’s a good thing, right?

Do you accept our offer?  Shall we set a date?

Thank you,

Ken Cromar signature blue 1 sm



Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman – 1994 to 2000



P.S.  In the interest of transparency, full disclosure and keeping our exchanges out in the “sunshine” for Council, Staff and especially CH residents to see, please note that this exchange has been CC to the original group (Except Gretchen Gordon at her request, with whom you can share this if you like.  The others can respond or not, anytime they choose, without your control or manipulation) and will also be posted to  


As of the date of this posting Mayor Gygi did not respond to this email.   




Mayor Gygi challenges former Councilman to a “fight / debate”

Written By: admin - May• 05•17

Mayor Gary Gygi issued the the following challenge to former Cedar Hills Councilman Ken Cromar (July 1994 to January 2000) and current Researcher for Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government (CHCRG) to a "fight / debate" in an  April 11, 2017, at 10:02 AM email….

"Regarding my candidacy for Mayor, I have not made up my mind but if I choose to run, in the spirit of competition, I would love you to run against me.  That is a fight/debate I would love to have, in fact itching to have."

Gygi had continued an email exchange with Cromar that began when Cromar / CHCRG had informed and encouraged the City Council regarding newly passed Utah State 2017 Legislature to repeal home business licenses, amongst other things.  See CHCRG posting … 

In a follow-up email exchange Cromar had questioned the Mayor regarding his personal business practices run out of the Mayor's office, when the Mayor issued the "debate / fight" challenge.  (Note:  A 2015 GRAMA request produced photos of Gygi's campaign posters and personal business files  in Cedar Hills city offices, which raised ethics questions. – see pics below)

April 10, 2017 – 11:16 a.m.


Mayor Gygi,

There you go again.  When you do not like being confronted with the facts about your actions, you distract by addressing some issues, and ignore or repackage the “narrative” on the rest.  At least you are consistent.

I approached you on a legitimate public issue drawing your attention to new Legislation, to which many favorably responded.  When you came in late to the exchange, you politicized some of the discussion in a self-serving manner.  I responded.  Now you retreat.  That’s consistent and worthy of highlighting.

My last comment before I too intend to leave this discussion:  You have been proven to regularly abuse your power.  Mayor, you have abused, harmed, misrepresented and/or misled many people on the Council, Staff and CH residents, me and my family included.  

IF you choose to run again, in order to protect my CH friends, neighbors, family, Council and City Staff, please rest assured that I will consider it my public duty to seriously consider taking the time necessary to share numerous audio, video and documents with the alert the voters to your actions so they can vote intelligently.  

I hope that won’t be necessary.  I have much better things to do with my time.  I hope you do too.  Many CH residents would be grateful.



Ken Cromar


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Home-based Biz Licenses Fees now not required in CH – Refunds?

Written By: admin - May• 04•17

Thanks to our CHCRG efforts to inform the Council about new laws passed by the 2017 Utah State Legislature, as reported in our last post, home business licence fees in Cedar Hills are apparently now a thing of the past.  See…

After notifiying the Council, Ken Cromar's email exchanges with Mayor Gygi continued March 28th, including … 

"Coincidentally, I just received in yesterday’s mail a city license billing for my home based business.  Some may say, "Hey it’s only $65”, right?  But it’s my family's $65, not yours!  Would you mind kindly sending me a note back to let us know how well you did implementing the new State laws please, because I hope you resolve that issue before payment deadline March 30, 2017." 


Mayor Gygi reponded on Mar 28, 2017, at 3:01 PM,  <> writing:

"Ken, SB 81 which is the bill that deals with city licenses for home based businesses has not been signed into law as of right now but I am confident that it will become law.  The city believes that you should not pay the bill right now and we will address this Senate bill and how it affects Cedar Hills's home based businesses at our next meeting if it has been signed."…


Monday, April 10, 2017 10:14 AM email from Ken Cromar / CHCRG researcher wrote…

"Biz License:  Thank you for insuring that biz license payment is not required for now.  I hope this is not just for me?  I hope that you instructed staff to reach out to all home business folks with the same news and /or refunded their monies please?"


We hope that all CH were treated equally and fairly.  No response on this question from the Mayor or the City has come to us.  Presumably you could have your money refunded if you paid in 2017? 

Cedar Hills office – 801-785-9668



CONGRATS! – Free market victories at Capitol that CH can immediately discuss implementing

Written By: admin - Apr• 21•17



Cedar Hills Council, City Manager & Staff,

Good morning!  I was pleased to learn this morning of successful TAX CUT & greater transparency opportunities passed by the 2017 Utah Legislature.  Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government supporters thought you would want to know about it.  The funnest one relates to CH’s beloved food trucks!  CONGRATS to CH and Utah.

To learn more about your opportunities to relieve the ever growing tax burden on our friends and neighbors please read the following:


Here's five free-market victories from the legislature


by Connor Boyack – Salt Lake Tribune


by Jonathan Johnson – Salt Lake Tribune


The one that interests me personally is the home business tax relief.  I remember when the City first passed the city licensing requirement it was as I recall $15.  No surprise it almost instantly rose by 400%.  

Thanks to all Council members, City Manager and Staff members who will take efforts to put these items on the Council Agenda for immediate discussion, implementation by the City.  Doing so would demonstrate great respect and attentive representation of the Citizens who elected you and whom you promised to serve.

Thank You!


Ken Cromar signature blue 2 med



Ken Cromar – researcher for 

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government

former elected Cedar Hills Councilman

9870 N. Meadow Drive

Cedar Hills, UT  84062





It is wonderful that we have a "conservative" government. I wonder what the increase in taxes would have been otherwise.  I guess we need to be thankful for the few crumbs they tossed to us, while they were removing food from our cupboards.

Jerry Dearinger  [CHCRG]


Thank you for pointing these out, always a win for less government regulation in our lives!

Mike Geddes  [CH Couuncilman]


I had already planned on discussing this as a city but thank you for the suggestion.  At our next city council meeting, I have invited Representative Kennedy to come and present a review of the legislative session.  We have reached out to Senator Hemmert but have not heard back yet.  We will then discuss how  these laws affect Cedar Hills residents starting now.

-Gary   [CH mayor]





SL Tribune – Salt Lake City’s golf woes face tough crowd in council

Written By: admin - Apr• 21•17


Breaking uneven » Subsidies from general fund flatly refused.

By MATTHEW PIPER | The Salt Lake Tribune

First Published Feb 07 2017 08:36PM    •    Last Updated Feb 08 2017 04:59 pm


It's a good thing he's bald, said Derek Kitchen on Tuesday, because otherwise he'd have yanked out his hair hearing about Salt Lake City's beleaguered golf system.    

"This is the most frustrating conversation I've had since I joined the council," he said.

Having requested an update on the status of the city's Golf Enterprise Fund, the council heard that the city's six courses are on track — due in part to some water woes — to end the fiscal year with an operating budget $1 million on the wrong side of par.

What's more, Golf Director Dan Dent presented a litany of suggestions that council staff found to be in violation of council policy guidelines and maybe state law.

"I just can't have another conversation about golf when there's so many more important issues in our city," Kitchen said.

Quipped council Chairman Stan Penfold: "Thanks, Derek, I wish you were more comfortable telling us how you really feel."

Kitchen was the most straightforward but council members — even token golf advocate Charlie Luke — seemed to agree that the administration should return before them with a plan that doesn't include an influx of general funds.

Those options include: closing the lowest-performing courses and repurposing them as public space, reducing pay and benefits for course workers, and partnering with Salt Lake County or private entities.

Dent maintained that while there is little hope of reducing the operating deficit in the next few years, the courses remain a potential source of profit.

for the complete article see …




Comment:  Publiic golf courses are "potential source of profit"?  Really?  They must be drinking the same Golf Koolaid in Salt Lake that the current and former Cedar Hills mayors have been serving their citizens.  Hint — our CH golf course in CH has never made one dollar of profit in any year — and cost an average $500,000 each and every year to float it.

Unicorns.  Leprechauns.  Easter bunnies.  When will Mayor Gygi come clean and publish a front page year by year golf course losses?  



Former Vice President candidate Scott Bradley speaks on “America’s Foundations”

Written By: admin - Jan• 16•17

At 7:00 PM on Tuesday night, Scott Bradley will be speaking on "America's Foundations".  This event is sponsored by the Cedar Hills Chapter of "Constitutional Conservatives of Utah County" at the city club house building.  All are welcome!

With Scott's credentials and most recently his running for the position of Vice President of the United States of America with the Constitution Party, it is a real privilege to have him come from Cache Valley to speak to us.

See flyer here ..    2 Scott Bradley Class