Home-based Biz Licenses Fees now not required in CH – Refunds?

Written By: admin - May• 04•17

Thanks to our CHCRG efforts to inform the Council about new laws passed by the 2017 Utah State Legislature, as reported in our last post, home business licence fees in Cedar Hills are apparently now a thing of the past.  See…  http://www.cedarhillscitizens.org/congrats-free-market-victories-at-capitol-that-ch-can-immediately-discuss-implementing/

After notifiying the Council, Ken Cromar's email exchanges with Mayor Gygi continued March 28th, including … 

"Coincidentally, I just received in yesterday’s mail a city license billing for my home based business.  Some may say, "Hey it’s only $65”, right?  But it’s my family's $65, not yours!  Would you mind kindly sending me a note back to let us know how well you did implementing the new State laws please, because I hope you resolve that issue before payment deadline March 30, 2017." 


Mayor Gygi reponded on Mar 28, 2017, at 3:01 PM,  <ggygi@cedarhills.org> writing:

"Ken, SB 81 which is the bill that deals with city licenses for home based businesses has not been signed into law as of right now but I am confident that it will become law.  The city believes that you should not pay the bill right now and we will address this Senate bill and how it affects Cedar Hills's home based businesses at our next meeting if it has been signed."…


Monday, April 10, 2017 10:14 AM email from Ken Cromar / CHCRG researcher wrote…

"Biz License:  Thank you for insuring that biz license payment is not required for now.  I hope this is not just for me?  I hope that you instructed staff to reach out to all home business folks with the same news and /or refunded their monies please?"


We hope that all CH were treated equally and fairly.  No response on this question from the Mayor or the City has come to us.  Presumably you could have your money refunded if you paid in 2017? 

Cedar Hills office – 801-785-9668



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