FACTUAL STATEMENT: Gygi won 2011 election thru “false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”

Written By: admin - May• 09•17

After Mayor Gygi challenged former Councilman Ken Cromar to an election "debate / fight" then retreated at Cromar's challenge to do it immediately, some thought Cromar's comments regarding the Mayor's election and "abuse of power" too much.  

Cromar responded to Angela Johnson – a 2015 Candidate for CH Council – with an email thanking her for bringing up her concern, complimenting her fearless efforts to obtain public records in 2012 in face of city harassment, and reiterating that it is a documented "factual statement" that the November 2011 election been "stolen under 'false pretenses, manipulation and deceit', and that Gary Gygi himself agreed!  

Cromar's email included some links to "proof" that the statement is factual.  His email remainded CC'd to those in the chain, including the Mayor, Council, key City Staff & members of CHCRG, and as such is a public record, as follows…


Your request will be honored and your name will be removed the email chain. No problem.  I’m actually very pleased that you brought this issue up Angela.  Thank you!  Please allow me to explain…

First, I’m sorry if I offend you.  I understand that contention created by abusive and aggressive government is definitely uncomfortable.  It always has been, and always will be — but that’s because of “We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.”  (D&C 121:39)  Cedar Hills has not been immune.  CHCRG’s effort to protect the community and honest officials from those who are not, is a worthy cause!  But trying to address it certainly isn’t anyone I know’s idea of fun.  I believe in being honest and direct.  Please forgive me that I don’t know how to do so in a manner more to your liking.  

Before you go, please let me say that your email caused me to reflect on you, and reminds me of what a champion you have been Angela in the past in getting to the bottom of issues.  You too know what it means to be abused by City officials just for asking for public documents.  Remember all that was done to you because of your GRAMA request in 2012 about the City Manager and his abuse of city funds and his pay and perks?  You were absolutely amazing in your resolve that finally exposed him and eventually led to his ignominious departure — though he was awarded a 9-months severance pay of over $100K!  (I always saw it more as “hush money” — fact! — read the severance agreement.)  Unfortunately this wasn’t before 20-year veteran City Recorder Kim Holindrake was sacrificed by the same unscrupulous mayor.  Please see… http://www.cedarhillscitizens.org/secret-email-exposed-3-smoking-gun-korihor-soldier/  You were accused of being a “Korihor soldier”!, when in fact you were a citizen Rock Star!  Thanks again Angela for that difficult but valuable service to us your CH neighbors!  

Also, before you go, please allow me to just say that the “documented false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”  statement is factual and is NOT rash speculation — and must be declared as such!   May I remind you and the others of the Daily Herald’s report at the November 2011 election (published too late) where Gary was elected under false pretenses of a profitable golf course, that launched us on our current leadership path?  Please take a moment to re-read this landmark expose’ …

Money Trap in Cedar Hills



Please remember that Mayor Gygi to this day has refused to “come clean" by publishing a complete year by year loses on the golf course on the same front page of the City Newsletter that misinformed the public and served to get him elected.  Had the election not been stolen under “false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”, we can only imagine what good and citizen empowerment may have occurred?  Jerry Dearinger and Paul Sorensen were honorable, seasoned professionals and would’ve been fantastic leaders, and helped to clean up the mess created by so many mischievous predecessors.  Shouldn’t we do our best to help stop the trend that began in 2011 and continues to this day?  Isn’t it time for a new start in Cedar Hills?

Mayor Gygi knows my statement is true, and he has proven it for me.  In 2011, the then Councilman-elect Gary Gygi admitted this just days after the 2011 election, in a document only discovered many months later in our much-ballyhooed "6000 page GRAMA request" exposed that the newly elected Council (Gygi, Rees and Augustus) discovered they were assisted in being elected under false pretenses.  Remember this…?



But, do you recall we only learned these above facts TEN MONTHS AFTER the election, when the State Records Committee ORDERED the City to provide the Public documents the City kept stalling on providing because they were doing City business  on private email accounts?   By then the “crime” was committed, many records on private email accounts had been destroyed, the damage was done, followed by a mayor who resigned to face federal charges and prison, all of which Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government reported — but by then no one cared as the CH government machinery had ground on into its newest and latest michief.  See the stories about this that began here … 



Mayor Gygi’s  tyrannical management of City staff, abuse of Council and citizens, and a number of other dishonorable and oath-breaking actions, have harmed many including me and my family.  While forgiving him on a personal level is easy, he has offered no apologies nor demonstrated ability to change, and hence should not be allowed matches or government any longer.

It’s a tough thing to stand up against government corruption, but I believe that stand we must!  Remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the pastor who stood up against much greater forces in the Nazis of WW2?  He inspires me to stand when saying nothing would be so much easier.  Bonhoeffer paid with his life when he said …

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act."

Again, thanks for causing me to reflect on your amazing bravery in times past, the well being of our City, and Mayor Gygi’s questionable actions.  While my manner may not be to yours and some others liking, I make no apologies for pointing out the truths I see including my belief that  Mayor Gary Gygi obtained his office by “documented false pretenses, manipulation and deceit”  and that, "We need a new, 100% open, honest and transparent Mayor in Cedar Hills."

Angela, thanks for the good things you’ve done.  No problem — I will not burden you with additional emails.  


Ken  Cromar

[Former elected CH Councilman  1994 to 2000

Researcher for Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government]


Cromar and many CHCRG members supported and promoted Angela.

Mayor Gygi has not responded to the offers to help him defend his record in a public "debate / fight" he proposed — but in May as proposed by Cromar in oreder to provide Gygi the benefit of public opinion & immediate feedback help him decide whether he should run again for CH Mayor.




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