Einstein & UTA say, “Just say NO!” to Jenney Rees’ proposed new PARC Tax Increase

Written By: admin - Nov• 04•17

Of course current Council Woman / Mayoral candidate JENNEY REES promoted this new tax increase!

She and her Council friends wasted another $581,000 on the golf course.  It would take 14.5 years of PARC Tax $$ to make up just ONE year of golf course losses!Einstein Insanity-quote

They say it's "only one penny per …".  Really?  That $40,000 (Jenney's estimate) isn't her money.  It's yours and your neighbor's.  Had Jenney helped to tighten the belt of the City's budget FIRST — then she wouldn't have asked you for MORE of YOUR money and for you to vote to help her take your neighbor's money.  The $40K is just KEEP CEDAR HILLS GREEN special interest PAC's way to hide $40K of golf course losses in the RED.  Don't fall for it!


Utah Tax Payers Assoc - Vote AGAINST Prop #7 v2

It is said that the definition of INSANITY – is doing the same thing over and over — and expecting a different result.  Jenney and her fellow councilmembers have been doing the same thing over and over  — with NO STRATEGY to stopping the $581,000 per year golf losses.  Help Jenney and her friends to understand it's time to stop the INSANITY.  Just say NO! to new UNNECESSARY taxes.  Vote AGAINST Prop #7 PARC Tax Increase.


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AGAINST Prop #7 NEW Tax Increase - LANDSCAPE.1a single


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