DHerald: Mayor Gygi not running again / Propagandizes his “service”

Written By: admin - May• 25•17

The Daily Herald reported on April 28 that Mayor Gygi will not be running for Mayor of Cedar Hills, and printed what reads more like a non-paid propaganda piece, complete with glamour photo shoot pics, and printing misleading, unsubstantiated propaganda talking points provided by Mayor Gygi and Council member Jenney Rees.  

The Herald provided no alternative view or comment as is common practice when properly reporting news.   See Daily Herald link for complete story…

Gary Gygi not running again for Cedar Hills mayor seat


Some of the more interesting paragraphs included….

"Gygi has been in office six years. He ran as a City Council member and was elected to serve starting 2012. Just a few months after he came into office, he found himself in the mayor’s chair after being appointed to the seat vacated by former mayor Eric Richardson. He ran again for his own term and won in 2013, and has been serving since."

"Vacated"?  Really?  Conveniently left out of the story was any reference to the fact that Mayor Eric Richardson resigned to face Federal Bank fraud charges and serve a 366 day prison sentence and had Gygi as his right-hand man.  This is an important point in understanding how Gygi came to become the new Mayor.  Gygi was often seen at Richardson's side, defending him in the face of requests for his resignation, full disclosure, and providing of public records that were hidden on private email accounts.

2012 FLASHBACK:  Once elected Gygi was often seen at Richardson's side defending him.  See Herald PHOTO of Councilman Gary Gygi beside Eric Richardson at their press conference …

Richardson expects to be cleared of accusations, will not resign

See the PIC and read more of the Herald's May 11, 2012: http://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/north/cedar-hills/richardson-expects-to-be-cleared-of-accusations-will-not-resign/article_3f6db090-2003-52ca-aa3f-7f439b4b2afd.html#ixzz1uZlRPIq5

This is importantant because Gygi was then appointed by the same Council that Richardson helped to get elected under false pretenses, manipulation and deciet regarding golf course profitability during the fraudulent 2011 campaign.  

See Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Governments flurry of blog / news report postings during May & June of 2012 as Cedar Hills was constantly on television and in the newspapers.

 The Daily Herald reported that the 2012 Mayor should resign (Gygi stood by Richardson) …  





CHCRG has long questioned transparency in CH when the people who may have had much to hide helped get their political friends into office and not execute a "complete forensic audit" to officially correct the record.  Gygi oversaw an admittedly narrow audit, which they claimed cleared the record, but was not a COMPLETE forensic audit.

See the following CHCRG January 1, 2013 report on the The Top Twenty-Two Tragic CH “Milestones” in 2012 

13.)   Council considers a full Forensic audit of city finances.

May 16, 2012 – A statement issued by City Councilwoman Jenney Rees, on behalf of the City Council, stated that the timing of the resignations was coincidental and in no way related to the complaint filed against the mayor.  http://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/north/cedar-hills/cedar-hills-meeting-gets-loud-as-residents-fight-about-audit/article_3a1f2862-5234-5f3a-b015-4dfc2de00c18.html


Though requested numerous times, to date the City of Cedar Hills has never published a simple, easy to understand year by year schedule of the Cedar Hills Golf Course losses/subsidies on the front page of the City Newsletter to correct the error that our golf course is "cash flow positive" — that got Councilmembers Gygi, Rees and Augustus narrowly elected.  

Had the City not decieved voters the outcome of the election would lkely have been the opposite, which would have brought 100% transparency, informing of residents and a vote on the future of the golf course that loses on average approximately $500,000 per year since opening.  The April 2017 Herald article reads…

According to Rees, the committee was asked to review the financial performance of the golf course and to provide a comprehensive report of the financial health of the golf course to residents. This committee helped residents understand how much the city subsidized the golf course, and the fact that the course would never make money. 

Over the past many months numerous reports from within the Council and City Staff showed moral was extremely low, reportedly due to Mayor Gygi's attempt to "micro manage" and get involved at many levels — an assignment already under the duties and responsibilities of the City Manager.  This makes the following April 2017 Daily Herald article rather questionable…

“Employee morale has never been higher — they are happy, loving their jobs. It’s easy for me to leave knowing the council and staff are enjoying what they are doing,” Gygi said.

Cedar Hills' long time City Manager David Bunker recently resigned to take a City Manager position at American Fork.  CH lost an effective, highly respected, honorable public servant.  Many have expressed concern Gygi had been trying to drive him away in order to usurp control of City Staff outside of CH policy.  

Gygi is now leaving, and according to the Herald possibly aspiring to higher State office (reportedly Gygi has mentioned eyes on the Governor's seat).  So, NO!, of course we are not surprised that, "Employee morale has never been higher".



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