CONGRATS! – Free market victories at Capitol that CH can immediately discuss implementing

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Cedar Hills Council, City Manager & Staff,

Good morning!  I was pleased to learn this morning of successful TAX CUT & greater transparency opportunities passed by the 2017 Utah Legislature.  Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government supporters thought you would want to know about it.  The funnest one relates to CH’s beloved food trucks!  CONGRATS to CH and Utah.

To learn more about your opportunities to relieve the ever growing tax burden on our friends and neighbors please read the following:


Here's five free-market victories from the legislature


by Connor Boyack – Salt Lake Tribune


by Jonathan Johnson – Salt Lake Tribune


The one that interests me personally is the home business tax relief.  I remember when the City first passed the city licensing requirement it was as I recall $15.  No surprise it almost instantly rose by 400%.  

Thanks to all Council members, City Manager and Staff members who will take efforts to put these items on the Council Agenda for immediate discussion, implementation by the City.  Doing so would demonstrate great respect and attentive representation of the Citizens who elected you and whom you promised to serve.

Thank You!


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It is wonderful that we have a "conservative" government. I wonder what the increase in taxes would have been otherwise.  I guess we need to be thankful for the few crumbs they tossed to us, while they were removing food from our cupboards.

Jerry Dearinger  [CHCRG]


Thank you for pointing these out, always a win for less government regulation in our lives!

Mike Geddes  [CH Couuncilman]


I had already planned on discussing this as a city but thank you for the suggestion.  At our next city council meeting, I have invited Representative Kennedy to come and present a review of the legislative session.  We have reached out to Senator Hemmert but have not heard back yet.  We will then discuss how  these laws affect Cedar Hills residents starting now.

-Gary   [CH mayor]





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