CH Officials Warn Residents of Metals Contamination in American Fork River

Written By: admin - Aug• 29•16

The following email was sent by the City of Cedar Hills to residents Friday night…


From: "City of Cedar Hills" <>

Date: Aug 26, 2016 10:42 PM

Subject: DEQ Water Samples Show Metals Contamination in American Fork River

To:  All Cedar Hills Residents

Dear Resident,

During the past week several reports have surfaced regarding discharge flows from the Tibble Fork Dam Rehabilitation Project. On Friday, August 26, 2016, national, state, and local leaders held a meeting to discuss water sample data from the American Fork River, resulting from the Tibble Fork discharge event. The following news release from the State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality summarizes the potential health risks and includes citizen advisories for contact with discharge sediment.

As an added precaution, the City of Cedar Hills has eliminated all irrigation water in the pressurized irrigation system that is typically received through the American Fork River. Although the city’s pressurized irrigation system received a very minor amount of flow from the American Fork River, the city's public works department has now shut off all incoming flows to our system. The irrigation system will be supplied with flows from other sources until further notice. Please note that the irrigation system may contain limited amounts of American Fork River water for the next 24 hours. We invite residents to conserve irrigation water and heed the recommendations of the State Department of Environmental Quality as noticed in the news release.

View the DEQ News Release.

Or read their PDF attached here … CH water contaminant report – tibblepresser26




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