BLINK! – Gygi bails on his own “debate / fight” — Announces he WILL NOT run for Mayor!

Written By: admin - May• 11•17

After numerous email exchanges with Mayor Gary Gygi, that included Gygi's challenge to former Councilman Ken Cromar to a "debate/fight" he was "itching" to have — Gygi blinked in the game of chicken he started.  

The Mayor retreated from his own proposed "debate / fight" with Cromar designed by him to "set the record straight" regarding his oft-reported abuses of power, misappropriation of city funds, undeclared conflicts of interest, withholding & manipulation of records, etc., which CHCRG has exposed, documented and reported here at  In a surprise move, Gygi also announced he will not run again for Mayor in Cedar Hills.  

Rather than respond to the emails, Gygi contacted the Daily Herald and secured what appeared to be an unpaid Gygi promo, complete with photo shoot glamour shots.  The Daily Herald printed Gygi's list of syrupy self-congratulatory "accomplishments" apparently as provided by Mayor Gygi and by Councilmember Jenney Rees, — but without support documentation.  

The article's most dubious claim was that the 2012 Golf Finance Committee had successfully, "…Helped residents understand how much the city subsidized the golf course, and the fact that the course would never make money."  Their claim is not true.  

The opposite is closer to the truth.  This Mayor and most Councilmembers have gone to great effort to cover-up and hide the financial facts from CH residents, burying unintelligible numbers in financial reports, while publicly ridiculing CHCRG and others's factual reports, — and always declaring their golf "successes" particularly when nearing elections.

THANK YOU! – Mayor Gygi and Councilmember Jenney Rees for FINALLY telling the truth about the financially failed golf course

CHALLENGE:  When and on which CH Newsletter front page did you Mayor Gygi, Rees, the Council or City ever tell the public that the golf course would "never make money" please???  Mayor, if you're as honest as you say you are, please prove it on the June 2017 CH Newsletter's front page?

Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government has for many years tried to encourage the Mayor and Council to come clean with CH residents.  CHCRG has challenged the City to post the complete year-by-year golf course subsidies ( $$ losses) on the same Newsletter front page that touted the golf course was "cash flow positive" (profitable) — that narrowly got Ggyi & Rees elected "under false pretenses, manipulations and deciet" in the November 2011 election.  

To claim now, almost six years later, during Gygi's ignominous exit, that they fully informed the citizens of the approximately $500,000 avg. yearly losses — is near the height of indefensible dishonesty.  Though Gyi & Rees have succeeded in fooling many CH citizens for many years, that doesn't mean they've been 100% honest in their dealings with the residents.

The Herald article is checkered with other such fantasy statements, which will be addressed in a separate CHCRG post later … 

Gary Gygi not running again for Cedar Hills mayor seat

"Though he’s taking a break from politics, Gygi doesn’t rule out the possibility of serving again — but if he does, it will probably be at the state level, he said."

Gygi's higher ambitions may explain why two Cedar Hills officials (surrogates) have contacted Cromar / CHCRG four times within the past week communicating in behalf of the Mayor, "Gary asked me to call you & CHCRG to invite no more reporting about him and his record, etc., because after all, he is not running for CH Mayor again."  council-gary-gygi-180x225

Strange.  Now that all the considerable damage is done (which is documented on this Blog), Gygi didn't even have the courage/integrity to make good on his own challenge to "debate / fight ", nor the courtesy to answer numerous email questions about his actions over six years, nor the human decency to make the phone "calls for peace" himself.  No apologies were offered from Gygi either.

Does this mean a clear and smooth road for Gygi in his long-whispered aspirations to run for the Utah Governor seat?  

At Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government we love our beautiful little Cedar Hills and the greata state of Utah.  Therefore it should be no surprise when we say we believe many, many Cedar Hills residents, Preserve & Protect American Fork Canyon members, City Staff and city officials who have carefully watched Gygi's political career, hope this politician's career is over.




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